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Teacher Preparation Program

Secondary Education Internship Welcome Guide

Welcome to the Secondary Internship Year! The Secondary Team website is Please bookmark this site and look here for information about upcoming events. The Internship Guide can be found at this site under Documents and Forms. You can look at the Internship Guide for more information about the internship year policies and procedures. A version of the Internship Guide updated with 2018-2019 calendars and other minor revisions will be available after the end of the 2017-2018 internships. In the meantime, the resources in this Welcome Guide will help mentors and interns get to know each other, learn about the internship year program, and do some early planning together before the Opening Day in August (see below). At the Opening Day, interns and mentors will meet their field instructors, who will provide additional customized support in designing an experience for the interns that is sensible in the school context while within the guidelines of the MSU program.

IMPORTANT: Please consult the Internship Guide for the Substitute Teaching by Interns policy. To summarize the policy: Interns can begin subbing for their mentor teacher only after the first Guided Lead Teaching is completed (usually around the middle of October) with the consent in writing of the mentor teacher, field instructor and building administrator. Interns may substitute teach for no more than 15 days during the year-long internship.

Please review the information in this Welcome Guide and contact your placement coordinator if you have questions.


REQUIRED for all interns – mark your calendar now!

Erickson Hall, 620 Farm Lane, East Lansing, MI 48824

Check the Secondary TP Google Calendar for updates later in the spring.

Preliminary Course Enrollment Information

All interns must enroll in the following courses:

FALL 2018
TE 501 (6 cr.) – Internship in Teaching Diverse Learners I
TE 801 (3 cr.) – Professional Roles and Teaching Practice I
TE 802 (3 cr.) – Reflection and Inquiry in Teaching Practice I
TE 502 (6 cr.) – Internship in Teaching Diverse Learners II
TE 803 (3 cr.) – Professional Roles and Teaching Practice II
TE 804 (3 cr.) – Reflection and Inquiry in Teaching Practice II
Additional information about the courses is available in the Internship Guide.

TE 501, 502, 802 and 804 sections are determined by an intern’s subject area. See the MSU Schedule of Courses for additional details about the sections of these courses in which each intern should be enrolled.

TE 801 and 803 sections are determined by an intern’s placement school. Initially, interns should enroll in section 10 of TE 801 and TE 803. Coordinators will assign specific sections when the bulk of placements are confirmed, and communicate that information to interns in August prior to the start of classes. Interns remain in the same section for both TE 801 and TE 803.

Interns should plan to enroll for internship courses between May 5, 2018 and July 23, 2018. The university will charge a late fee of $50 to interns not enrolled in any courses by 8 pm on 7/23/18. See the MSU Academic Calendar. Further, interns cannot begin their field placement until they are properly enrolled for the internship courses. Only enrolled students are covered by our indemnification agreements with placement schools.

As part of their course expectations, all interns should make plans to attend the

Friday, April 26, 2019
4:00 pm to 6:00 pm
On the MSU Campus

Mentor teachers are warmly welcomed and encouraged to attend this celebration of the internship year.