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Be Better Prepared
Who will work harder if it means being prepared for the first day on the job? Spartans Will.
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Teacher Preparation Program


In the Michigan State University College of Education, teachers are prepared to lead. As a Spartan teacher, you will master not only your content areas but the most recent research-based knowledge of instruction and curriculum. Over the course of the Teacher Preparation Program, you will gain more than 1,000 hours of classroom experience, including a full-school year teaching internship that sets Spartan teachers apart.

Improving the Future, as a Spartan

The world needs more great teachers. MSU prepares teachers willing to keep learning, meet the needs of each student and improve the future through every lesson they teach.

Specialized Areas of Study

You can choose elementary, secondary or special education. Whomever they teach, Spartan teachers recognize the need to improve education for all learners. By enrolling in one of two cohort programs, you can also gain specialized skills for teaching in particularly high-need settings, such as internationally diverse classrooms and those in under-resourced urban communities. Cohort members begin working together as a close-knit community from day one of freshmen year.

Ready to start your teaching journey?

Leading the Field

trophy Stellar reputation
For over 20 years, MSU has been ranked No. 1 in the nation for graduate programs in elementary and secondary education, according to U.S. News & World Report.
Unlike most places, MSU helps students grow as teaching interns for a full school year. Spartan teachers stand out because they have already proven themselves in the classroom.
magnify Driven by Research
Faculty members conduct and publish cutting-edge research (that students can assist with). Currently, MSU is home to the top journal in the field, the Journal of Teacher Education.
Schools Hire Spartans

[MSU graduates] are not like new teachers … they are so prepared. They have a different level of maturity and confidence that just really stands out.

Matt Outlaw

Superintendent, Brandon School District

Success in the Job Market

of our graduates get jobs in teaching
Average number of job offers
The Full-year Internship

Teacher Preparation, By the Numbers

Average Class Size
hours of field experience
in annual scholarships

Specializing in Urban and Global Education

globe Global Cohort
Learn to teach with a global view and make an impact in today's culturally diverse classrooms.
urban Urban Cohort
Learn how you can promote success and social justice as a teacher who understands the needs of urban students.







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