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How to Apply

The application process for the MSU SETS-UP Teacher Fellows starts in the fall, with two phases and deadlines set by the SETS-UP Selection Committee. Applications are considered until all program spaces are filled.


Eligible applicants include current undergraduate or graduate students, recent college graduates, mid-career professionals and retirees who have majored in science or engineering.

Applying to MSU

Candidates apply directly to the Michigan State University Graduate School


Required Application Materials


MSU Graduate School Online Application*

MATC Supporting Information Form (


Noyce Essay Questions 1 & 2 (The MATC Essay is Not Required)

3 Letter of Recommendations

MATC Goal Statement


*MSU Graduate School Application Notes

  • Select and apply to the Teaching and Curriculum Program Code 6727 Under the "other information" tab.
  • Include in your personal statement that you are interested in the Noyce MSU SETS-UP Teacher Fellows Program
  • Please save a copy of your personal and academic statement. It may be used for further required MATC admission essays.


Ready to Apply?

1. Applicants must complete the MSU on-line application for Graduate Study ( and complete additional Teacher Education Department MATC requirements. Visit the MSU College of Education website's MATC Application-Admissions-Checklist page for the step by step process.


2. Contact Lindsay Metiva ( upon applying to the MSU Graduate School to notify her that you have applied to the MSU Graduate School are interested in applying to the Noyce MSU SETS-UP Program.


3. Complete and submit the MATC required documents through the Graduate Education Application Portal described at the application site. Click HERE for instructions or visit for the MATC Noyce Instructions.


Selection Process:


Phase I

1. Candidate submits application to the Graduate School

2. Candidate submits additional forms and required documents to the Graduate Education Application Portal

3. Candidate is notified about advancing to Phase II


Phase II

1. Candidate is interviewed by SETS-UP Selection Committee

2. Candidate submits a mini lesson to SETS-UP Selection Committee

3. Candidate is notified about admission as a SETS-UP Teacher Fellow