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Ph.D. Study in Science Education

The Ph.D. emphasis in science education is a component of the internationally renowned Curriculum, Instruction, and Teacher Education (CITE) program at the College of Education at Michigan State University. The mission of science education is to blend science theory, research, and practical application to explore current issues in science teaching and learning. The science education faculty brings a range of theoretical and methodological perspectives to their work, including cognition, sociocultural, and feminist/critical perspectives using both qualitative and quantitative methods.

The core research areas in science education include learning progressions, curriculum development, teacher development, formative assessment, and teaching and learning in urban contexts. Ph.D. students have opportunities to contribute to a variety of research projects, participate in policy formation, and refine their knowledge and pedagogical skills. Ph.D. students gain practical experience and the opportunity to engage in sustained collaborative work with teachers, students, and administrators in K-12 schools and school districts; college level science educators; informal science educators; as well as university-based researchers and educators.

The highly regarded science education faculty assists students in designing programs of study connected to their unique interests. Furthermore, the faculty support and encourage Ph.D. students in their development of thoughtful scholarship in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities.

For more information about the opportunities in science education or to arrange a campus visit please contact: Gail Richmond,

Application and Admissions in Science Education

Application and admission is through the Curriculum, Instruction, and Teacher Education (CITE) program. Please apply through the CITE program website. You indicate your interest in science education in two parts of the application packet. First, you should specify your preference for a Ph.D. emphasis in science education program on the application for graduate study. Second, you explain more about your interest in science education in the statement of professional goals.

Application Checklist

The CITE Program Application checklist includes the following:

1. MSU Application for Graduate Study and fee ($50.00 US)
    Submit online

2. Current Curriculum Vitae
    Send to CITE Office

3. Statement of Professional Goals (different and separate from item
    Send to CITE Office

   #22 in the online Application for Graduate Study)

4. Writing Sample
    Send to CITE Office

5. Letters of Reference: Three (3) completed reference forms (each of
    Send to CITE Office

   which must have a separate letter of recommendation attached)

6. Official (sealed) transcripts: One transcript from all degree granting institutions attended. We will obtain all MSU transcipts if you previously attended MSU.
    Send to MSU office of

7. Graduate Record Examination (GRE)(MSU code is 1465. The
    Send to CITE Office

   department code for Teacher Education is 3101)

The official Application for Graduate Study, fee, and Goals Statement must be received by the CITE Admissions Office for your application to be officially "activated" in our department. Application files will not be reviewed until all required materials are received.

Where To Send Materials (CITE Office Address)

CITE Doctoral Program Office
Attn: Doctoral Program Secretary
Department of Teacher Education
Michigan State University
301F Erickson Hall
East Lansing, MI 48824-1034
     Phone: (517) 432-7705
     Fax: (517) 432-5092

Application materials (except for official transcripts) may be faxed or sent electronically to our offices. Original copies of reference letters sent electronically or faxed should also be sent.

Application Deadlines

While applications are considered throughout the year, students wishing to be considered for university and college multiyear fellowships, must have their application and all other materials submitted no later than December 1.

More Application Information

For more detailed information about the application process and application materials, please visit the comprehensive Application Process page.

Hamin Baek
Master of Arts in Literacy Instruction
I am delighted to have a chance to share my experience as a doctoral student at the COE, and specifically, in the Ph.D. program of Curriculum, Instruction, and Teacher Education with focus on science education. To be honest, when I applied for this program, I did not know much about the program or faculty in the department of Teacher Education (which hosts the program). Basically what influenced my decision to join the program includes its prestigious status, its design which ... ... read more
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