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Application & Admissions Forms

The Masters in Literacy Instruction program has been proposed for consolidation with Teacher Education's Masters in Teaching and Curriculum through academic governance. A moratorium on admission to the masters in literacy takes effect US10. Students interested in pursuing certification in reading will be able to do so through the Masters of Arts in Teaching and Curriculum.

Letter of Recommendation Cover Form

Please provide this form to the people providing your recommendation for admission to the program. This form should be given to a former university instructor or teacher educator, a current or past teaching colleague, a current or past administrator, or another educational supervisor who is able to comment on your qualifications for graduate study. If you have questions about whom to ask for a reference, please check with the program secretary listed above.

View/Download the Letter of Recommendation Cover Form (PDF)

Beth Jones
Master of Arts in Literacy Instruction
I am a first grade teacher in Dewitt, MI, and I chose to come to MSU for the Literacy Masters program because I went to Michigan State for the undergraduate program and I really enjoyed it. It helped me to become a more reflective teacher, and to learn more about my practice and best practices in literacy instruction. A couple of classes that I really enjoyed were the writing methods class. I had Janine Certo as my professor and ... ... read more