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Applying to Our Programs

Master Programs

Enriching Your Career in Education

If you are seeking a graduate degree as part of your career in education, the Department of Teacher Education at MSU offers various programs and courses to meet this very need. Both the Masters in Teaching and Curriculum and the Masters in Literacy and Language Instruction, allow those seeking a graduate degree a program that will challenge them intellectually and enhance their teaching practice or career in education. If you are interested in joining one of the masters programs in the TE department, please visit the program website for the application and admissions process. We look forward to helping you enrich your career in education.

Master of Arts in Teaching and Curriculum

The master’s program in teaching and curriculum is designed principally for persons who wish to acquire advanced professional knowledge related to teaching and curriculum diverse learners in K–12 schools. The program is offered exclusively in an online format. This master’s program in consists of (1) designated areas of integrated, practice–centered inquiry in professional, disciplinary, and foundational studies and (2) sustained, simultaneous inquiry in both University and public–school settings. The program is designed for certified teachers and other educators who wish to continue their professional studies in teaching and curriculum. Applications for admission to the master's program are reviewed by faculty who look for evidence of appropriate preparation for advanced disciplinary and professional study at the master's level and the likelihood of academic success, as indicated by an applicant's prior educational record, work experience, statement of professional goals, letters of recommendation, and an assigned professional essay. For more information on admissions and applying see our website.

Master of Arts in Literacy Instruction

The Masters in Literacy Instruction program has been proposed for consolidation with Teacher Education's Masters in Teaching and Curriculum through academic governance. A moratorium on admission to the masters in literacy takes effect US10. Students interested in pursuing certification in reading will be able to do so through the Masters of Arts in Teaching and Curriculum.

The master’s degree program in literacy and language instruction is designed for committed and competent teachers in K-12 and postsecondary classrooms who seek to gain additional knowledge and skill in literacy education in order to become professional leaders and improve teaching and learning of literacy in their own classrooms, and possibly seek a reading specialist credential. This program provides a balance of theory, research and practice toward developing leaders at the school and district levels, as well as in government, business and private settings where literacy is a primary concern.

The program requires completion of 33 semester credits, of which six are required proseminars, three are on the foundations of literacy, 15 are methods of instruction, nine are from a specialization (such as English as a second language, children’s literature, or writing) and a final comprehensive paper centered around an evaluation of a literacy program. For information on admissions and applying see our website.