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About the Department of Teacher Education

Message from the Chairperson

Dear TE Community:

First and foremost, we express our shock and sadness at the suffering of over 200 young women who survived the abuse of Dr. Larry Nassar. In light of all the comments already made by the dean, faculty and students on this issue, I know that I speak on behalf of all of us within the Department of Teacher Education in hoping that these brave young women receive the support they deserve. That Michigan State’s leadership should have turned such a blind eye and deaf ear to their cries for recognition and assistance is nothing short of a moral outrage.

Second, as educators, we re-commit ourselves to using our voices and leadership positions towards ending the injustice of sexual abuse – and all injustice perpetrated by those in power against others. As a community, we are committed to a set of core principles that call us to amplify the voices of the silenced members of our community, transform relationships from dehumanization and exploitation to caring and mutual respect, and speak up in public to defend the powerless and work energetically towards a more just institution and society.

To this end, we also pledge ourselves to move beyond complacency towards ongoing critical self-reflection. Such an effort is necessary in order to bring our community closer to understanding the small and large ways in which we may contribute to the problems facing us, whether through reluctance to speak truth to power or blindness towards the systemic injustices of sexism, racism, and other social problems.

Finally, going forward from these tragic events, we must stand, firmly and forthrightly, with all those who have been harmed on our campus and in our community. As educators, we must do everything we can to create a university and a society in which this sort of travesty can never happen again.

Yours truly,

Crocco Signature

Margaret S. Crocco
Professor and Chair