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Rand Spiro Photo

Rand Spiro

  Department of Counseling, Educational Psychology and Special Education
 Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University
 510 Erickson
Rand Spiro is a professor of educational psychology. His research areas are knowledge acquisition in complex domains, hypermedia learning environments, multimedia case-based methods in professional education, biomedical cognition, and constructive processes in text comprehension and recall. Much of his research is concerned with the question, “How should learning proceed so that tendencies toward conceptual oversimplification are counteracted and a wide range of future applications of knowledge are supported?” The objective is the validation of basic theoretical principles and related instructional practices that will allow students to master the complex concepts they encounter and to transfer that knowledge from formal schooling to real-world cases - learning for flexibly adaptive use, rather than for imitative reproduction. A central part of the research program involves the development and testing of theory-based hypermedia learning environments designed to promote cognitive flexibility.

Areas of Expertise: