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Maria Teresa Tatto Photo

Maria Teresa Tatto

 Associate Professor
  Department of Teacher Education
 Ed.D., Harvard University
 116E Erickson
Maria Teresa Tatto is an associate professor of teacher education. Her research is characterized by the use of an international-comparative framework to study educational reform and educational policy and their impact on schooling, particularly the role of teachers, teaching, and learning – within varied organizational, economic, political, and social contexts. Her other research interests include the influence of early childhood education on improved knowledge levels for the rural poor, the role of values education on citizenship formation, and the development of effective policies to support the education of children of migrant workers in the U.S. Her work combines the use of quantitative and qualitative approaches and methods. She has done research in Mexico, Sri Lanka, and several countries in Latin America and has served as a consultant to the World Bank and USAID for the governments of the Dominican Republic, Columbia, Guatemala, Mexico and Peru. She is currently the director and principal investigator for the Teacher Education and Development Study in Mathematics, or TEDS-M.

Areas of Expertise: