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Sara Witmer (Bolt) Photo

Sara Witmer (Bolt)

 Associate Professor
  Department of Counseling, Educational Psychology and Special Education
 Ph.D., University of Minnesota
 434 Erickson
Sara (Bolt) Witmer is an associate professor of school psychology and a Nationally Certified School Psychologist. Her research focuses on examining assessment tools that can enhance instructional decision-making for students who are at-risk for poor academic outcomes. She also conducts research on accommodations for diverse learners (e.g., students with disabilities, English language learners), and more generally on methods for the effective inclusion of all students in large-scale assessment and accountability programs.

Classes taught:

  • CEP 884 Roles and Functions of School Psychologists
  • CEP 886 Psychoeducational Assessment

Recent publications:

Salvia, J., Ysseldyke, J., and Bolt, S. (2010). Assessment in special and inclusive education (11th edition). New York: Houghton-Mifflin.

Bolt, S. E., and Roach, A. (2009). Inclusive assessment and accountability: A guide to accommodations for students with diverse needs. New York: Guilford.

Betts, J., Bolt, S., Decker, D., Marston, D., and Muyskens, P. (2009). Examining the role of time and language type in the development of reading proficiency for English Language Learners. Journal of School Psychology, 47, 143-166.

Bolt, S. E., and Ysseldyke, J. E (2008). Accommodating students with disabilities in large-scale testing: A comparison of differential item functioning (DIF) identified across disability types. Journal of Psychoeducational Assessment, 26, 121-138.

Decker, D., and Bolt, S. E. (2008). Challenges and opportunities for promoting student achievement through large-scale assessment results: Research, reflections, and future directions. Assessment for Effective Intervention, 34 (1), 43-51.

Areas of Expertise: