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Michael K. Weiss Photo

Michael K. Weiss

 Assistant Professor
  Department of Teacher Education
 Ph.D., University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
 223 N Kedzie
Michael Weiss is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Teacher Education and the Program in Mathematics Education (PRIME). With a background in both pure mathematics and education research, and experience as a high school mathematics teacher. Michael's research focuses on the capacity of elementary and secondary mathematics education to faithfully represent authentic mathematical values and practices, and the extent to which school mathematics can cultivate a mathematical sensibility in students. In his work, Michael has analyzed narratives of mathematical practice to identify a network of dispositions that mathematicians draw upon to value and guide their work, and has used these dispositions both as a theoretical frame for studies of teaching and learning, and to generative models of possible classroom practice. He teaches both content and methods courses for elementary and secondary mathematics teachers. Michael received his doctorate from the University of Michigan in 2009 and served on the faculty of Oakland University from 2009-2012.

Areas of Expertise: