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Carrie Symons Photo

Carrie Symons

 Assistant Professor
  Department of Teacher Education
 Ph.D., University of Michigan
 312 Erickson
Carrie’s research explores the relationship between classroom teachers’ instructional practices and immigrant-origin youth’s literacy and language development in multilingual contexts. Formerly an elementary classroom teacher of 10 years, Carrie prioritizes the building of long-term, mutualistic, research-practice partnerships with local community organizations, schools, and teachers. In collaboration with these critical partners, she aims to identify what teachers need to know to effectively facilitate immigrant-origin youth’s learning across content areas and how this culturally and linguistically responsive pedagogical knowledge is best developed. Her research has been funded by the American Educational Research Association, the International Literacy Association, and Michigan State University’s Diversity Research Network and Network for Global Civic Engagement. Her work has been published in venues such as Journal of Research in Childhood Education, Linguistics and Education, and Learning and Instruction.

Areas of Expertise: