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Larry W. and Patricia L. Reeves Endowed Scholarship in Teacher Education

Recipients shall be College of Education undergraduate students or post B.A. (intern year) students pursuing a career in elementary, secondary or special education teaching.  Recipients will be selected based on academic merit and financial need with financial need being determined by the federal government according to its policies and procedures.

About the Reeves Family

At the time this scholarship was established, the Reeves family included three generations of teachers.  With a legacy of positive impact of dedicated teachers who inspired them early in their lives, Larry and Patricia cherished the gift that a teacher can be.  MSU brought Larry and Patricia together in the summer before Larry’s senior year in high school and their love for each other and for MSU has grown ever since.  They respect the Land Grant heritage of MSU and what it represents.  Larry and Patricia came from families of limited means, and are grateful for the open doors at MSU and the financial support from academic scholarships that made it possible.  It is their desire to share their success and happiness with future generations of young people who will grow to become inspiring teachers.