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Brown Powers Peace Scholarship

The recipient shall be selected according to the College of Education's procedures for selecting scholarship recipients. Applicants must be graduates of a Michigan public high school and eligible for in-state tuition. Recipients must exhibit an awareness of and commitment to the notion that education and peace are vitally related. An essay commenting on a specific Eisenhower quote and other issues relating education and world peace is required. Applicants must state their intent to teach in a Michigan public school for a minimum of five years at the elementary or secondary level. Recipients shall be undergraduate and/or Post-BA (internship year) students admitted to the College of Education in elementary or secondary education. First consideration will be given to recipients selected based on significant financial need, with financial need being determined by the Federal Government according to its policies and procedures. Significant need is defined as a need resulting from an expected family contribution (EFC) of less than 50 percent of the cost of attendance (COA). Scholarships shall be renewable as long as the recipient remains in good academic standing and provided donors continue donation.

About Arlene Powers Brown and Daniel R. Brown

Arlene and Daniel are natives of central Michigan, having attended public schools in Olivet (Arlene) and Charlotte (Dan). They believe in giving back to society from which they have benefitted. Both are 1954 graduates of MSU (MSC at that time). The Browns are passionate about public education, world peace and justice, and the elimination of hunger and malnutrition, and believe there is a connection between these areas of concern. While some will choose a non-public education route to schooling, the Browns feel that a strong, vibrant public school system is crucial to a democratic society. Every child is gifted. These gifts are many and varied. Bringing this wide range of gifts to fruition and providing equal education opportunity is a responsibility that can only be met by public schools.