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The Grove Family Endowed Scholarship in Education

Recipients should be admitted students in the College of Education elementary education program with a minimum 3.0 grade point average. Recipients will be selected based on financial need being determined by the federal government according to its policies and procedures.

About the Grove Family

The endowment is a gift from Marjorie Grove in loving memory of her parents John and Mae Grove. At a young age they worked to support their families and did not have the opportunity to obtain a college education. However, they believed strongly in the value of a higher education. Mr. and Mrs. Grove supported their daughter’s undergraduate degree at Michigan State College both emotionally and financially until completion in 1948. Marjorie Grove began her teaching career in the elementary grades of the public schools in Trenton, Michigan. She obtained a Master of Arts degree in education in 1955. Retiring in 1985, she retained a strong interest in education following thirty-seven years of teaching.