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Teaching Position: CEP 880 Cognitive Assessment, 50%

Semesters Offered: Fall

Duties/Requirements: This course is part of the second year clinical sequence in school psychology and is a required course. The faculty member is responsible for course design, lectures, and grading. The graduate assistant will assist in teaching this course, score protocols, supervise students’ clinical assessment skills related to cognitive assessment, complete assessments of students’ work products, and meet with students to provide formative feedback.

Supervising Faculty: Dr. Jodene Fine

Additional information required: With your department application please also submit a letter of interest and a current copy of your vitae.

Desired Qualifications:

  1. Background, knowledge, competencies and skills in school psychology, particularly in cognitive assessment.
  2. Completion of a minimum of 200 hours of school psychology practicum
  3. Knowledge of MSU School Psychology training program, philosophy, and model

Training: The Graduate Assistant is required to attend orientation meetings prior to the start of fall semester.

Mentoring and Monitoring: The Graduate Assistant will meet weekly or bi-weekly with faculty supervisor.

Evaluation: The Graduate Assistant is observed and evaluated at least once each semester. Written and verbal feedback will be provided.