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Teaching Position: CEP 260 Dynamics of Personal Adjustment

Semesters Offered: Fall/Spring

Duties: Dynamics of Personal Adjustment examines various psychological theories of human adjustment and their implications for effective learning, self-development, and social interaction. The graduate student instructor is responsible for all phases of course design and instruction. This includes developing the course syllabus, lesson plans, and assessment procedures.

Supervising Faculty: Evelyn Oka

Desired Qualifications:

  1. Masters degree in school psychology or related field
  2. Experience with college teaching desirable

Orientation and Training: Graduate student instructors will be sent the course textbook and supplementary materials by mid-May, and a teaching consultant will be available for consultation and assistance with early phases of course planning. Graduate students are required to attend orientation prior to start of fall semester. The orientation covers a broad range of topics related to effective college teaching and curriculum design. Teaching assistants are expected to attend weekly or bi-weekly meetings for supervision and professional development. The course is taught both online and face to face.

Mentoring, Monitoring, and Evaluation: Graduate student instructors are matched with a student who has previously taught the course. The seasoned instructor is available for consultation and support throughout the year. Graduate student instructors are observed and evaluated at least once each semester. Written and verbal feedback is provided after each observation.