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Teaching Position: CEP 240 Diverse Learners in Multicultural Perspectives

Semesters Offered: Fall/Spring/Summer

This course is a major and a service course open to all university students. It is not open to students who have credit in TE 250. This is a required course for students seeking certification in a special education endorsement offered at MSU's College of Education.

Duties: The instructor is responsible for (1) preparing lectures, (2) planning and conducting small group discussions. Conduct discussion, prepare simulation, evaluate student achievement, integrate personal experience into class content, evaluate and return projects in a timely manner and participate in constructing and administering mid-term and final examinations.

Supervising Faculty: Dr. Troy Mariage

Desired Qualifications:

  1. Experience in group dynamics and facilitating group discussion.
  2. Experience in large group lectures, test construction and conducting laboratories
  3. Experience in working with exceptional children in direct instruction or other school-related activities.
  4. Knowledge/experiences in behavior management.
  5. Knowledge or experiences in multiculture classroom.

Mentoring and Monitoring: Graduate assistants are required to attend orientation prior to the start of fall semester that may include participation in the All-University TA program. Staff development activities include participation in in-service workshops as well as policy staff meetings throughout the academic year. Evaluation, planning and staff meetings are held each week immediately following the general lecture. Teaching assistants must attend this two-hour weekly meeting.

Evaluation: Graduate assistants are observed and evaluated at least once each semester. Written and verbal feedback is provided after each observation. Copies of the written evaluation, course materials, and SIRS are kept in the graduate assistant's file, and a copy is given to the graduate assistants.