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Teaching Position: CEP 802 Developing Positive Attitudes Toward Learning

Semesters Offered: Fall - online 25%

Duties:Graduate Assistants are responsible for monitoring and conducting online sections of CEP 802, including assessment in line with the common course syllabus and assignments. Graduate student instructors selected for this course will receive initial and ongoing staff development to assist in teaching this course.

Supervising Faculty: School Psych Faculty

Desired Qualifications:

    1. Experience teaching college students or K-12 students

    2. Experience teaching online, or material similar to CEP 802

    3. Background, knowledge, competencies and skills in school psychology


Training: The Graduate Assistant is required to attend orientation meetings prior to the start of fall semester.

Mentoring and Monitoring: The Graduate Assistant will meet weekly or bi-weekly with faculty supervisor.

Evaluation: The Graduate Assistant will be evaluated at least once each semester. Written and verbal feedback will be provided.