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Teaching Position: CEP 261, 460 and 470 TA Supervision and Teaching Consultation

Semesters Offered: Fall/Spring/Summer 25%

Duties: Assist the supervising faculty in developing a TA schedule of face-to-face and online sections for CEP 261 (Substance Abuse), CEP 460 (communication Skills), and CEP 470 (Disability in a Diverse Society) each semester, including summer, and develop and orientation process and meeting for all TA's. The graduate assisant will be available to TA's for consultation and assistance with course design and planning. The graduate assistant will respond tp request for overrides, under the supervision of the supervising faculty member, and meet regularly with the TA's for consultation and support throughout the year. The graduate assistant will also assist the supervising faculty member with supervision, obervation, and evaluation of TA's.

Supervising Faculty: Dr. John Kosciulek


Desired Qualifications:

     1. Masters degree in Rehabilitation Counseling or closely related field

      2. Experience teaching CEP 261, CEP 460 or CEP 470. Experience with both face-to-face and online instruction.

Orientation and Training: The graduate assistant will be sent all course materials prior to starting this postion. The supervising faculty member will be available for consultation and orientation to the duties.

Mentoring, Monitoring, and Evaluation:The graduate assistant will meet weekly or bi-weekly with the faculty supervisor. The supervising faculty member will evaluate the graduate assistant at least one each semester. Written and verbal feedback will be provided.