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Macintosh Support

Adding a Network Printer

Open up System Preferences and click "Printers & Scanners".

Printer prefernce pane

Click the + button to add a printer.

Plus button to add printer

Click on the IP tab at the top (Red).

Enter the IP address of the printer in the "Address" box (Green).

99% of the time the Protocol will be "Line Printer Daemon - LPD" (Blue).

The printer should automatically show the correct driver, if not see below on obtaining drivers (Orange).

Click "Add".

Printer details

If under the "Use:" Menu it lists "Generic Printer" or something similar you will need to install updated drivers.

Do not click "Add", instead close the add printer window and download the correct drivers.

Either search for "Apple <printer company> drivers". You will need to get them from Apple not the manufacturer in most cases. You can also try the links below for common brands we use at the College.

For HP:

For Brother:

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