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Activating Adobe Professional

Adobe Acrobat Professional requires activation with your Adobe ID. Please follow these instructions to setup an Adobe account if you don't have one and activate your software.

1. Accept the Adobe Acrobat Software license agreement.

License Agreement

2. Click "Sign in now".

Sign in window

3. Sign in to your Adobe account. If you don't have an Adobe ID click the "Get an Adobe ID" link and continue to step 4 otherwise skip to step 10.

Sign in window 2

4. Create an account with your MSU email address. If it says you already have an account go to Adobe's website and reset the password (Do not click the link to recover a lost password in the Adobe application, it does not work).

Create an adobe account

5. Accept the Adobe Acrobat Terms of Use.

Accept terms

6. Enter your birthday (yes this is ridiculous, but it is required by Adobe).

Enter birthdate

7. Adobe will send you a confirmation email with a link to verify your email. This can take 1 to 30 minutes.

Verify email

8. Click the link to verify your email.

Verify email 2

9. Verification is complete.

Verify email 3

10. Go back to Adobe Acrobat and sign in with your Adobe Account.

login window

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