Technology-enhanced inquiry curricula can help students develop a deep understanding of complex science ideas such as heredity. For these units, students use our WISE Heredity module in concurrence with and growing Fast Plants® in the classroom.

Grade 5: Inherited & Acquired Traits

The 5th grade WISE curriculum unit is called The Case of Audrey. The purpose of the unit is to investigate why organisms have similar and different features. Students interact with a virtual garden to distinguish between inherited and acquired traits and they observe two varieties of Wisconsin Fast Plants® within the same generation that are phenotypically different by plant height.

Grade 7: Genotype & Phenotype

The 7th grade WISE curriculum unit is called From Genotype to Phenotype. The goal of the unit is to investigate Mendel’s Law of Segregation controlled by a single gene inheritance and make claims about the genotype and phenotype of a missing parent. Students interact with online visualizations such as mitosis and Punnett squares and they observe the Wisconsin Fast Plants® stem color phenotype disappearing and reappearing across three generations.

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