College of Education Sitemap
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Influencing Policy and Reform

Policymakers often seek the expertise of Michigan State University faculty members as they address critical education decisions across the state and country. This includes, for example, partnerships with state and federal agencies, writing white papers, testifying before legislators and serving on committees of the National Research Council and other organizations that influence the national and international agenda.

The faculty, through initiatives of the Education Policy Center and Office of K-12 Outreach, strives to keep Michigan’s educational leaders and lawmakers informed about latest research findings and best practices with implications for current policy issues.

Education Policy Center

The Education Policy Center (EPC) at Michigan State University draws on the expertise of faculty across campus and beyond to inform educators, policymakers and the public about major issues affecting K-12 and higher education. Through studies, policy reports and presentations, the center makes key research findings accessible and influences educational policy decisions at the state, national and international levels.

State partnerships for school improvement

Faculty members often work with the Michigan Department of Education in response to the changing needs of high-priority schools in Michigan. For example, the College of Education has provided training for more than 200 principals (and more than 700 teachers) whose schools are not making Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) through the Michigan Principals Fellowship and Coaches Institute.

Michigan Consortium for Educational Research (MCER)

The Michigan Consortium for Educational Research (MCER) is a partnership between Michigan State University, University of Michigan and the Michigan Department of Education. The goal of MCER is to engage key stakeholders and experts in high quality education research for the benefit of public education in Michigan and nationwide. The consortium seeks to answer contemporary education policy questions. MCER provides research-based evidence to policymakers and administrators in Michigan and informs national policy initiatives for improving education.

President’s Education Policy Forums

The President's Education Policy Forums, co-sponsored by MSU President Lou Anna K. Simon, inform Michigan policymakers and education leaders about current policy issues while fostering discussion around research and best practice.

Project Excellence

Faculty and doctoral students from Michigan State University’s Office of Rehabilitation and Disability Studies evaluate critical aspects of rehabilitation services provided by the state of Michigan through a program called Project Excellence. The long-standing partnership with Michigan Rehabilitation Services has influenced significant improvements for citizens with disabilities seeking help with employment.