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Tuition and Enrollment


Tuition for online MAED candidates is the same for all students regardless of residency. Please see the current tuition rate on the Controller's Office website. The MAED is listed as "On-line Education Masters."

Tuition for Lifelong Education students, persons interested in courses for professional development rather than degree applicability, is also listed in this page as "Education Lifelong." Students who are residents of Michigan are eligible to be classified as in-state for tuition and fee purpose. All others will be considered out-of-state.


Enroll for courses via Schedule Builder. For instructions on how to use Schedule Builder, visit You can view Schedule Builder 24 hours a day. However, the enrollment functionality is only available from 8am - 8pm EST on Monday through Friday and on weekends from 8am Saturday until 8pm on Sunday EST (subject to availability).

To find out when you can enroll for courses, log into STUINFO, choose Schedule History and Enrollment Access under the Academic category on the Menu.