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Department of Kinesiology

Kinesiology Undergraduate Degree

KIN 492 / 493 / 496 Internship in Kinesiology

Course Description

This Internship Course (the “KINternship”) is designed to be a culminating experience for students who will graduate with a Major in Kinesiology. Our hope for you during this internship is that you will gain a practical experience in the Kinesiology domain, acquire skills and knowledge that could help with a potential career, and apply knowledge that you have learned throughout your undergraduate degree in a practical setting. We are pleased and excited to have each Kinesiology major represent the Kinesiology Department, the College of Education, and MSU at your respective internship sites. In order to get the most out of your internship experience, we suggest you start considering internship possibilities and looking out for new potential experiences as soon as you have decided Kinesiology will be your major. A minimum of three (3) credit hours of internship experience is required for graduation from the Kinesiology program. Students must work *45 hours for each credit earned

*The hours per credit is a change from previous years.

KIN 492 / 493 / 496 Enrollment Process

All KIN Majors in their Junior and Senior years will be automatically enrolled in the online mandatory, “KIN 492 / 493 / 496 Pre-Enrollment Orientation Module” on D2L (this module is not for credit and it will not appear on your official transcript). This Pre-Enrollment Orientation Module will remain available to you throughout your Junior and Senior years. You will need to complete this module before any other steps are completed. This module should take no more than 1.5 hours to complete.

Determining KIN 492 versus KIN 493 versus KIN 496

Taking KIN 492 versus KIN 493 versus KIN 496 is based on the specific job duties a student will complete at their internship site.

  • KIN 493 is for internship sites that are heavily rooted in physiology, and thus requires students to take KIN 411 (Laboratory Experiences in Exercise Physiology) either prior to or concurrently with the internship class. Please keep in mind, KIN 310 (Physiological Bases of Physical Activity) is a pre-requisite for KIN 411 and should be taken into account as you are planning.
  • KIN 496 is for students who are interested in pursuing a Masters Degree in Athletic Training. Prerequisite courses include KIN 125, KIN 126, and KIN 127.
  • KIN 492 is for all other internship experiences.


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