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Enrolling in KIN courses

  • Application for Independent Study and Fieldwork
  • Application to Enroll in Variable-Credit Courses
    • **NOTES**
      • Any student looking to complete an Independent Study or Fieldwork course MUST:
        • Submit the Complete Criminal Background Check Form to BEFORE being enrolled and BEFORE starting any duties at the experience site. Submission of this form will be checked prior to enrollment.
        • If the experience is with anyone (company, institution, organization, etc) other than Michigan State University, an Affiliation Agreement MUST be signed by the site company BEFORE the experience can begin. Company information must be TYPED!
    • Courses Include:
      • Independent studies (KIN 490, KIN 890, KIN 990)
      • Field work (KIN 494, KIN 894)
      • Clinical rotations in athletic training (KIN 427)
      • Adapted physical activity practicum (KIN 466, KIN 867)
      • Undergraduate internship (KIN 492/493)

Enrolling in (S)partners For Heart Health Independent Study