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KIN Honors Option

KIN Honors Advisors and Liaison

  • Amy Tratt, Kinesiology Honors Advisor, 620 Farm Lane, Room 134 of Erickson Hall, 355-3360,
  • Becky Olsen, Kinesiology Honors Advisor, 620 Farm Lane, Room 134 Erickson Hall, 884-7722,
  • Mr. George Harnick, Kinesiology Faculty Liaison, 308 W. Circle Drive in Room 131 of IM Sports Circle, 355-4744,

Special Unit Guidelines

  • Honors option courses are coordinated by the Honors College and KIN
  • H-options must have prior approval by faculty teaching or supervising the course. Approval must be arranged within the first two weeks at the beginning of the semester.
  • Please read through the Honors Option Course Information by Clicking Here
  • Students must earn a 3.0 grade or better in the course.
  • H-options may not be offered in courses taught by graduate assistants unless supervision for the honors project is provided by a regular faculty member.

  • Student Procedures for Honors Option Approval:
    • Check to see if your course is approved by the Department of Kinesiology as an Honors Option Credit (see Authorized Courses section below).
    • Talk to the faculty member that teaches (or oversees the teaching of) your course and discuss if he or she is willing to oversee an Honors Option.
    • If the faculty member agrees, then be sure to discuss the project options and/or details at that meeting. Feel free to use the Honors Option Agreement Form as a means of noting project requirements and details during this meeting.
    • Once a project has been agreed upon, the student will need to:
      • Go to the Student Resources web page
      • Click on "Student-Instructor Forms" and enter the agreed upon project information into the "Honors Option Agreement" form in this location.
    • If the project is denied by the faculty through this system, then the student needs to meet with that faculty member to discuss the denial and any changes that may need to be made for approval.

Authorized Courses for KIN Honors Options

  • KIN 216 - Applied Human Anatomy
  • KIN 250 - Measurement in Kinesiology
  • KIN 310 - Physiological Bases of Physical Activity
  • KIN 320 - Pathology of Sports Injury
  • KIN 330 - Structural and Mechanical Analysis of Physical Activity
  • KIN 345 - Sport and Exercise Psychology
  • KIN 355 - Physical Activity and Health Education for Elementary Teachers
  • KIN 360 - Physical Growth and Motor Behavior
  • KIN 365 - Sensorimotor Control
  • KIN 371 - Introduction to Research Methods in Kinesiology
  • KIN 421 - Lower Body Injury Evaluation
  • KIN 425 - Organization and Administration of Athletic Training
  • KIN 426 - Upper Body Injury Evaluation
  • KIN 445 - Sociocultural Analysis of Physical Activity
  • KIN 465 - Adapted Physical Activity