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KIN Undergraduate Advisement Office

The KIN Student Affairs Office is located at 620 Farm Lane in Room 134 of Erickson Hall. The KIN/Athletic Training Advisors are Amy Tratt, Mike Haslett, Becky Olsen, and Jennifer Watson (below). Honors students should also consult with Amy Tratt or Becky Olsen (Departmental Honors Advisors) or Mr. George Harnick (KIN Honors Faculty Liaison).

Amy Tratt

Jennifer Watson
Phone: 517-353-5120

Becky Olsen
Phone: 517-884-7722

Michael Haslett
Phone: 517-353-4991


Scheduling an Appointment: (Note: Kinesiology and Athletic Training students should see their advisor at least 2 times per year)

  • Advising appointments may be scheduled online. The appointment system displays all half-hour appointment times that are available.

  • Walk-in appointments are available for last-minute, quick questions.

  • Check the information under Responsibilities for Degree Planning before arriving for our appointment.

  • If you must cancel an appointment because of illness or other emergency, please use the online scheduling system. The system will allow you to cancel, but please cancel with at least 24 hours notice so that other students may take advantage of the time slot.