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Why Enroll in Kinesiology at MSU?

A recent 5-year study of MSU kinesiology PhD graduates revealed that 68% completed their degrees in 4 years or less. Every one of the PhD students obtained work related to their degrees, with 89% now employed at colleges, universities, or medical schools. The median time to degree for MS students was 2 years.

Program of Study

  • The KIN mission statement emphasizes disciplinary and interdisciplinary research focusing on physical activity and sport across the lifespan, with a special emphasis on youth.
  • Doctoral concentrations include athletic training, exercise physiology, developmental motor control, and psychosocial aspects of sport and physical activity.
  • Doctoral students develop the expertise needed to succeed as faculty members in higher education, including a variety of opportunities for conducting and publishing research, as well as developing and practicing the skills needed to teach college courses in the specialization area.
  • Master’s concentrations include athletic training, coaching, exercise physiology, developmental motor control, psychosocial aspects of sport and physical activity, sport administration, strength and conditioning and student-athlete development.
  • Masters degree students develop the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed as professionals in their chosen field. In addition, students are encouraged to learn research skills and complete a thesis in preparation for entry into a doctoral program.
  • KIN offers a flexible personal program of study.

Quality of Education

  • KIN has great faculty mentors who take a personal interest in you and are motivated and excited about working with you.
  • KIN houses the Institute for the Study of Youth Sports, the Center for Physical Activity and Health, the Biomarkers and Genetics Laboratory, and other research/outreach centers.
  • There are tremendous opportunities for interdisciplinary study and research associated with MSU's 17 degree-granting colleges and the numerous campus research laboratories and centers. PhD students often take advantage of opportunities for dual majors and the inter-campus exchange programs offered through MSU's Graduate School (MIGS and CIC). MS students are also eligible to enroll in MIGS.
  • Many KIN students take advantage of opportunities for research and applied work with MSU athletic teams and Student-Athlete Support Services.
  • KIN students are accomplished. A list of completed KIN dissertations demonstrates the nature of graduate student research projects. Also, 13 KIN graduate students have received MSU's highly competitive Excellence-in-Teaching Citation, presented annually to six of MSU's ~10,000 graduate students.

Funding for Graduate Study

  • MSU offers impressive multi-year fellowship packages to well-qualified incoming doctoral students. Furthermore, our graduate assistantship compensation is very competitive with other major universities, especially with respect to tuition waivers and medical insurance benefits.
  • Fellowships are available at the department, college, and university levels for continuing doctoral students, including summer research and dissertation completion fellowships.
  • KIN supports participation at professional meetings through a competitive research fellowship, as well as travel funds available to every KIN graduate student.

Other Reasons

  • MSU is Big-10 world-renowned university.
  • KIN is affiliated with the College of Education, which boasts several top-10 ranked programs, including elementary and secondary education programs which have been ranked #1 in the country for more than a decade.
  • The MSU campus is a beautiful park-like environment.
  • The cost of living in the Lansing area is very reasonable.