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Sample #1: Coaching

Academic Background. I received a specialization in Coaching last spring at Michigan State. So I have taken many coaching classes, such as KIN 400 (Principles of Coaching I), KIN 401 (Principles of Coaching II), and KIN 300E (Coaching football). I have also taken KIN 330, which is Biomechanics. I also have been watching film and trying to understand it the best way possible for the past four seasons of football.

Short and Long Term Career Plans. My first goal is to try and play football at the next level, in doing that every advantage you can gain is essential to success. I want to understand the depths of film study and break it down into a systematic learning tool that is easier to understand. The experience with a nationally renowned offensive coordinator will give me an opportunity to see how he interprets everything going on and how to attack those areas. Once my playing days are done, I want to have a head start for evaluating teams when I start my journey as a coach.

Field Experience. I plan on sitting in with the offensive staff and watching them break down film each week and come up with a game plan. I am curious to see how much time they put in every day in analyzing what teams are doing on defense. I want to understand the entire process of what they go through to see what it takes to be a coach at this level. I am also interested to see how the work is divided up and how much detail is put into everything. For that I will use an excel spreadsheet each week to break down opposing Defenses front’s, blitz’s and coverage’s. I can then go back and research whatever I need to in order to find out their favorite blitzes and when they like to pressure offenses. In general, this will give me the opportunity to break down a defense and be able to understand everything much easier.

  1. The first purpose of this experience is to try and make me a better film studier. Before I used to just sit there and watch endless amounts of film, sometimes I would walk away and have no idea what I just watched for two hours. This program will allow me easy access to everything I need to know about a given defense and it will be on file. By taking these notes I will hopefully pick up on things that I would not have in the past. Also, this will help me later in life when I am trying to watch film as a coach.
  2. The second purpose is to work with the Michigan State Offensive coaching staff and get an in-depth look at what they do on a daily basis. It will allow me to see the amount of work that is put into a game plan and how it all comes together. I will be able to ask them questions and try and take my knowledge a step further.
  3. I want to see if this makes someone a better, more efficient quarterback. I will be able to tell if I am prepared or not by actually playing the game and seeing how much of this knowledge I put to use. If this is something that works I will pass it on the to younger quarterbacks within this system and see if they may benefit from taking notes in this style.

Sample #2: Student-Athlete Development

Academic Background. I took KIN 465 last spring here at Michigan State, which is Adapted Physical Activity. I was able to work with “special needs” individuals and see the challenges and modifications that they make in order to participate in sports. I learned that it was more about the experience than anything for these people. Last spring, I was also enrolled in KIN 445 which was Sociocultural Analysis of Physical Activity. This class helped me in the different cultural aspects of sports. My other experiences have at the Heartwood School in Mason, where I worked the Special Olympics and I was selected as a celebrity guest to come and speak to the entire school. I also have done the Telethon for the Children’s Miracle Network for the past four years to raise money.

Short and Long Term Career Plans. As this pertains to my degree, I would like to take this time to set up a foundation that benefits the entire community. Community involvement has always been important to me, but by setting up this foundation, the Michigan State football team can have a lasting effect on the community in a positive way. We can bring in people of all different ages and backgrounds, and make them feel like they are apart of the Spartan football team for a week. This is something that will hopefully carry on for years to come, and where ever I am coaching later on in my life, I will know how to set up something similar to this program.

Field Experience. Every week I would like to work with a different organization, for instance, the Heartwood School, the Children’s Miracle Network, Toys for Tots, Sparrow Hospital and elderly care homes. Who ever I have selected for that week will go through a similar process of having lunch brought to them. The next day, finding a way to bring them to campus and show them around campus and the football complex. On Friday home games, have them come and watch the team practice and get autographs and finally have them watch the games on Saturdays. I will also keep in touch with these people through e-mails and writing letters as often as possible.

  1. The first purpose of this experience is to bring the community into our lives and let them see what we do on a weekly basis as a football team. I want to make them feel apart of our Spartan family forever and provide these select people with a once in a lifetime experience. I will be giving these people my undivided attention for a week, and just try and make it a very special experience for these individuals. I even have t-shirts that will be made up for the new “members” of this club each week.
  2. The second purpose is to set up a foundation that will carry on forever as a part of the Michigan State football team. This organization will raise money to pay for all of the expenses needed to operate itself and whatever is left over will go to another charity. By doing this we are impacting not only those individuals who are involved in this foundation, but other important organizations that could use the extra money.