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Guidelines for a Comprehensive Fieldwork Proposal

Students who enroll in KIN 894 - Fieldwork in Kinesiology must file two forms with the department office: (a) application to enroll in variable-credit courses and (b) application for independent study and fieldwork. These departmental forms require relatively brief answers about the nature of the independent study or fieldwork. However, many KIN professors require a more comprehensive proposal.

* * * * * McNeil Fieldwork Guidelines * * * * *

Dr. Rick McNeil developed the following guidelines for a comprehensive fieldwork proposal. Use the following headings to explain your request and relevance for requesting a variable credit experience.   A brief paragraph with each heading is sufficient; a two page proposal is adequate content. 

  1. Academic Background –  Describe your academic background, relevant classes and any related experiences to your requested experience. 
  2. Short and Long Term Career Plans – As best you can, describe what you want to do with your degree, what is your “vision” for 2-3 years, 5-10 years.  How does this experience enhance those plans?
  3. Field Experience Site – Provide a brief overview of the field experience site, the clientele you will be working with and your on-site supervisor.
  4. Purpose of the Experience – Identify and describe the major objectives of this experience, probably 2-4 objectives. Under each objective (identify as a separate heading) provide a list of the major activities that will be undertaken to achieve these activities.

Variable Credit Requirements

  • Complete a weekly log of the major activities accomplished, a simple paragraph or a list of bulleted activities is sufficient. Log needs to include the amount of time spent on experience each week.
  • Summary paper must be submitted upon completion of the experience
    • Objectives should be described in great detail; what did you do to accomplish each objective, challenges, and rewards, among others.
    • Maintain any appendices that are relevant
    • Self-evaluation of your experience – What did you learn?
    • Summarize the effectiveness of the experience to achieve your career goals as stated in the proposal.
    • Evaluation letter from supervisor
    • Length of summary paper needs to be comprehensive enough to cover all the requested content, plus additional appendices as relevant
  • Paper must be submitted by agreed upon deadline, generally the last day of classes during the semester of the experience.