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Capstone Experience Options

Master's degree students at MSU must choose between two types of degree programs:

Plan A: With a Master's Thesis

Master's Thesis Plan

Plan B: Without a Master's Thesis

The Department of Kinesiology offers three options within Plan B, namely the project, internship, and course work only options. The decision whether to complete a thesis, project, internship, or course work only rests with the student in consultation with her/his advisor and guidance committee.

Option #1: Master's Project
Option #2: Master's Internship
Option #3: Master's Certifying Examination

A certifying examination is required regardless of the option that is selected. The certifying examination for master's degree students in the thesis, project, and internship options consists of the final oral defense of the written thesis or report. The certifying examination for students who choose the course work only option consists of a formal written examination.