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Department of Kinesiology

Completed Dissertations in KIN

Bound copies of doctoral dissertations conducted by KIN students can be found in the MSU Library. A list of completed dissertations follows. The student's name is given first, then the title of the dissertation, then the advisor's/dissertation director's name in parentheses.



Bean, Eric (Ph.D.). An Evaluation of a Leadership Development Program for Intercollegiate Wrestling Coaches (Gould)

Dithurbide, Lori (Ph.D.). Teammate Efficacy and Teammate Trust: An Examination of Team Dynamics in Volleyball Defense (Feltz)

Drenowatz, Clemens (Ph.D.). Changes in Energy Expenditue and Dietary Intake in Response to Differences in Training Volume in Male Endurance Trained Athletes (Eisenmann)

Hayes, Heather M. (Ph.D.). Vascular Health of Children and Adolescents (Pfeiffer)

Holmes, Megan E. (Ph.D.). Physical Activity and Fitness: Moderators of the Stress-Metabolic Syndrome Relationships? (Pivarnik)

Kuffel, Erin E. (Ph.D). Associations Between Resistance Training During Pregnancy and Birth Outcomes in Exercising Women (Pivarnik)

Narvaez, Miguel (Ph.D.). Accelerations of a Hybrid III Dummy Head Resulting from Roundhouse Kick Impacts and Their Relation to the Risks of Concussions in Boys and Girls (Brown)

Wood, Jared M. (Ph.D.). An Examination of the Relationships Among Prepatory Efficacy, Practice Effort, and Performance (Feltz)

Yang, Keke (Ph.D.). Kinetic, Kinematic, and Electromyographical Analysis of Incline and Decline Push-Ups with Different Cadences (Brown)


Francis, Ryan (Ph.D.). Functional MRI of Central Motor Drive and Central Motor Fatigue (Pfeiffer)

Carrington, Tracy (Ph.D.). The Experience of Becoming a New Head Coach of a Collegiate Program: A Phenomenological Investigation (Ewing)

Elbin, Robert J. (Ph.D.). Exploring Brain Activation Patterns in Asymptomatic Athletes with and without a History of Two or More Concussions (Covassin)

Fifer, Angela M. (Ph.D.). Understanding Meaning and Life Satisfaction in Recreational Female Marathon Runners (Gould)

Flett, M. Ryan (Ph.D.). Individual Feeling States and Performance during Tennis Matches (Gould)

Carson, Sarah A. (Ph.D.). Life Skills Development and Transfer through High School Sport Participation: How Life Lessons are Taught and Brought to Life During Tennis Matches (Gould)

Hughes, William (Rudy) (Ph.D.). A Comparison of High School Football Coaches American Cultural and Football Values (Smith)

Kelly, Sheila K. (Ph.D.). Relationship among Motor Skill Development, Aerobic Capacity, Body Composition, and Perceived Competence of Fourth Grade School Children (Branta)

Knous, Jeremy (Ph.D.). Physical Activity and Angiotensin-I Converting Enzyme Polymorphism Effect on Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors in Young Adults (Pivarnik)

Santiago, Olga J. (Ph.D.). Family Social Capital, Mother's Perception of Child's Physical Competence, and Mother's Acculturation, as Determinants of Children's Physical Activity Level and Body Mass Index, A Cohort Study (Feltz)


Kietzmann, Laura Anne (Ph.D.). Athletics and Other Predictors of Educational Expectations and Attainment among High School Students (Feltz)

Blue, Kevin A. (Ph.D.). Smart Golf: An Exploratory Study of Sport Intelligence in Golf (Gould)

Bruenger, Adam J. (Ph.D.). Biomechanical Comparison of Three Methods of Back Squatting (Brown)

Murray, Kristen E. (Ph.D.). An Evaluation of the Backgrounds, Beliefs, and Attitudes of Think Detroit PAL Volunteer Youth Sport Coaches (Feltz)

Chow, Graig (Ph.D.). Social Interaction and Collective Efficacy Dispersion: A Social Network Analysis (Feltz)

Douglas, Mary M. (Ph.D.). Social Interactions of Students with Autism in General Physical Education (Dummer)

Moore, Marguerite (Ph.D.). The Effects of Migraine headache and Physical Activity on Cognitive Function (Covassin)

Mudd, Lanay (Ph.D.). Physical Activity during Pregnancy and Offspring Size (Pivarnik)

Scruton (Rilko), Dennis M (Ph.D.). Classroom Teachers? Perceptions of Students Who Participate in Daily Physical Education (Branta)


Alexander, Melissa G. F. (Ph.D.). Social Skills and Sports (S3) Program: Developing the Social Skills of Young Adult Special Olympics Athletes (Dummer)

Carswell, Mercedes (Ph.D.). Predictors of Retirement Distress among Male Former Intercollegiate Athletes (Feltz)

Gilson, Todd (Ph.D.). Social Cognitive and Control Theories: A Test of Self-Efficacy and Performance in Strength and Conditioning (Feltz)

Hepler, Teri (Ph.D.). Decision-Making in Sport: An Examination of the Take the First Heuristic and Self-Efficacy Theory (Feltz)

Paule, Amanda (Ph.D.). The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Examining Intercollegiate Athletic Recruiting (Smith)

Roskamp, Michael (Ph.D.). The Situation of Field Supervision in Physical Education: A Personal and Empirical Investigation (Dummer and Bird)

Sarzynski, Mark (Ph.D.). Association of the PAI-1 4G/5G Polymorphism with Blood Pressure in the Quebec Family Study: Interaction with Adiposity, Physical Activity, and the ACE I/D Polymorphism (Eisenmann)

Stiller, Jennifer (Ph.D.) An Evaluation of an Educational Intervention in Psychology of Injury for Athletic Training Students (Gould)


Ode, Joshua (Ph.D.). Assessing Physical Activity Behaviors in College Students (Pivarnik)

Waggener, Wesley (Ph.D.). Validation and Application of a Noninvasive Prediction of Adult Height (Haubenstricker)


Barron, Mary (Ph.D.). Evaluation of an Injury Prevention Program (Branta)

Espinoza, Dorina (Ph.D.). Standards and Standard Practice of Elementary Physical Education Teachers in Northern California (Branta)

Hedstrom, Ryan (Ph.D.). The Developing Coach: A Season-Long Investigation of Efficacy, Feedback, and Practice Behaviors (Ewing)

Kesselring (Fuller), Heather (Ph.D.). Experiences of Women Who are Classified as Maintainers and Transformers for Exercise (Ewing)

Moreno, Anthony (Ph.D.). Influence of a Dexterity Training Protocol on Biomechanical Parameters of the Knee Joint Among Adolescent Female Basketball Players (Brown)

Paiement, Craig A. (Ph.D.). An Assessment of the Factors Predicting Coaching Efficacy and Coaching Satisfaction in Youth Sports (Feltz)


Bauer (Sawyer), Patricia W. (Ph.D.). The Effects of Past Pregnancy Physical Activity Participation on Current Physical Activity, Barriers to Physical Activity, & Body Size, & the Validation of a Historical Physical Activity Recall Tool (Pivarnik)

Colon, Geffrey (Ph.D.) Examination of Physical Education Teachers' Perceived Preparation and Perceived Competence to Teach (Branta/Feltz)

Coughlin, Adam (Ph.D.). Acute and Chronic Effects of Enhanced External Counterpulsation on Hemostatic Factors in CVD Patients (Womack)

Dompier, Thomas P. (Ph.D). A Non-Invasive Method of Maturity Estimation and Intrinsic Risk Factors for Injury in Youth Football Players: Analysis of the 2002 and 2003 Seasons (Powell)

Ferrara, Merissa (Ph.D.). The Effect of Self-Efficacy, Outcome Expectations, and Social Communication on Adherence to a Meal Replacement Program (Pivarnik)

Learman, Jerome (Ph.D.). Comparison of Selected Kinesthetic Performance Variables from Two Different Weight Training Methods (Brown)

Mackowiak, Thomas J. (Ph.D.). An Evaluation of Planned Change: Accredited Undergraduate Athletic Training Educational Programs (Haubenstricker)

McCann, Peggy (Ph.D.). Parent-Coach and Child Athlete Retrospective Perceptions of the Dual Role in Youth Sport (Ewing)

Moffett, Aaron C. (Ph.D.). Paving the Road to Success: Using Sport to Teach Life Skills to Children with Physical Disabilities (Dummer)

Munk, Dana M. (Ph.D.). Perceptions of Fitness Among Hispanic Female Adolescents (Ewing)

Myers, Nicholas D. (Ph.D.). Athletes' Evaluations of Their Head Coach's Coaching Competencies: A Multilevel Confirmatory Factor Analysis (Feltz/Wolfe)

Nagelkirk, Paul R. (Ph.D.). Fibrinolytic Adaptations to a Phase II Cardiac Rehabilitation Program (Womack)

Taggert (Collins), Ivy (Ph.D.). The Effect of Student Teaching on Teacher Efficacy Among Preservice Physical Educators (Smith)

Vaughn, Daniel (Ph.D.). The Effectiveness of a Prescriptive Therapeutic Exercise Program as an Intervention for Excessive Thoracic Kyphosis (Brown)

Warners, Amber (Ph.D.). Comparing Patterns of Alcohol Use in Female Athletes and their Team Captains in Intercollegiate Softball Teams (Feltz)


Battista, Rebecca A. (Ph.D.). Anthropometric Characteristics and Performance of Female Collegiate Rowers (Malina)

Kaminski, Lois A. (Ph.D.). Central Nervous System Adaptations to Exercise Training (Malina)

Lee, Bomjin. (Ph.D.). Parental Values and Concerns about Participation in Physical Activity by Persons with Intellectual Disabilities (Dummer)

Lewis, Dawn K. (Ph.D.). Personal and Situational Bases for Coaches' Causal Attributions for the Recovery Outcome of Injured Athletes (Ewing)

Perkins, Candace D. (Ph.D.). Maternal Physical Activity and Birth Weight: A Meta Analysis (Pivarnik)

Robbins, Jamie E. (Ph.D.). Expecting the Best or Settling for Less: Examining Philosophies and Expectations of Wheelchair and Stand-Up Basketball Coaches (Ewing/Dummer)

Stefanek, Kevin A. (Ph.D.). An Exploration of Participation Motives among Collegiate Taekwondo Participants (Ewing)

Tonsing (Vargas), Tiffanye M. (Ph.D.). An Examination of Pre-Game Speeches and Their Effectiveness in Increasing Athletes' Levels of Self-Efficacy and Emotion (Feltz)


Beilock, Sian L. (Ph.D.). When Performace Fails: Expertise, Attention, and Performance under Pressure (Feltz/Carr)

Coe, Dawn Podulka. (Ph.D.) The Importance of Physical Education Classes in Relation to Physical Activity Behaviors, Physical Fitness, and Academic Achievement in Middle School Children (Pivarnik)

Kim, Ji Tae. (Ph.D.). Perceived Physical and Actual Motor Competence in Korean Children with Mild Mental Retardation: Relationship to Age, Gender, and Parental Physical Activity (Branta)

Kinnunen, David A. (Ph.D.). Anthropometric Determinants of Performance in the Standing Long Jump (Branta)

McQuillan, Cathy. (Ph.D.). The Effect of Contingent Auditory Stimulation of Self-Initiated Movement on Three Quality of Life Measures in Young Children with Severe Multiple Disabilities (Dummer)

Morano, Peter J. (Ph.D.). Injury in Youth Football: Prevalence, Incidence, and Biological Risk Factors (Malina)

Waldron, Jennifer. (Ph.D.). The Effectiveness of Three Extra Curricular Program on the Psychosocial Development of Early Adolescent Girls (Ewing)


Benham, Robert H. (Ph.D.). Expertise in Sport Instruction: Examining the Peadogogical Content Knowledge of Expert Golf Instructors (Branta)

Chong, A-Ran. (Ph.D.). Motor Development of Children Born Preterm and Fullterm (Branta)

Craft, Lynette L. (Ph.D.). Exercise and Clinical Depression: Exploring Psychological Mechanisms (Feltz)

Cumming, Sean P. (Ph.D.). Biopsychosocial Investigation of Participation Motivation in Youth Soccer (Ewing)

Magyar, T. Michelle. (Ph.D.). A Social Cognitive Perspective of Motivational and Self-Regulatory Mechanisms of Leadership in Female Collegiate Rowers (Feltz)

Pena Reyes, Maria E. (Ph.D.). Growth Status and Physical Fitness of Primary School Children in an Urban and a Rural Community in Oaxaca, Southern Mexico (Malina)

Tan, Swee Kheng. (Ph.D.). Anthropometry, Physique, and Physical Fitness of 6 to 11 Year Old Children from a Rural and an Urban Community in Oaxaca, Southern Mexico (Malina)

Wisner, David M. (Ph.D.). The Mechanics of the Sit-To-Stand Movement in Young Children (Brown)


Afremow, James A. (Ph.D.). Good Intentions Gone Bad: Exploring Ironic Effects of Sport (Feltz)

Allor Pfeiffer, Karin (Ph.D.). Running Economy and Perceived Exertion in Adolescent Girls (Pivarnik)

Amri, Saidon. (Ph.D.). Evaluation of the Current Status and Assessment of Program Effectiveness with Regard to Students' Motor Performance and Academic Achievement of National Sports School, Malaysia (Haubenstricker)

Angeli, Claudia A. (Ph.D.). Two-Dimensional Quasi-Static Knee Model for the Estimation of Ligament and Quadricep Forces as a Function of Knee Flexion (Ulibarri)

Ellis, Marjorie K. (Ph.D.). Factors that Influence the Physical Fitness of Deaf Children (Dummer)

Gano-Overway, Lori A. (Ph.D.). The Role of Task- and Ego- Involving Goals and Perceived Ability on Self-Regulatory Factors during a Simple Motor Task (Ewing)

Jayaraman, Roop. (Ph.D.). Magnetic Resonance Imaging Studies of Delayed Muscle Soreness and Recovery from Eccentric Exercise (Foley)

Nogle, Sally E. (Ph.D.). The Importance and Measurability of Selected NATA Educational Competencies as Perceived by Certified Athletic Trainers and Team Physicians (Dummer)

Parker, Lorenzo. (Ph.D.). Effectiveness of a Progressive Resistance Training Program on Work Productivity and Muscular Strength Among Adult Males with Mental Retardation (Dummer)

Shingles, Rene R. (Ph.D.). Women in Athletic Training: Their Career and Educational Experiences (Smith)


Eisenmann, Joey C. (Ph.D.). Blood Lipids and Peak Oxygen Consumption in Young Distance Runners (Malina)

Kontos, Anthony P. (Ph.D.). The Effects of Perceived Risk, Risk-Taking Behaviors, and Body Size on Injury in Youth Sports (Feltz)

Malete, Leapetswe. (Ph.D.). Psychological Correlates of Botswana Youths Involved in Sport and Physical Activity (Feltz)

Rowe, Patricia I. (Ph.D.). Perceptions of Physical Education Teachers about the Design and Implementation of In-Service Teaching -- A Case Study (Haubenstricker)

Sullivan, Philip J. (Ph.D.). The Development and Validation of the Effective Communication in Sports Scale (Feltz)

Wilson, Rodney C. (Ph.D.). Sources of Sport Confidence if Senior Adult, College, and High School Athletes (Feltz)

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Jamieson, Katherine M. (Ph.D.). A Qualitative Analysis of Latinas in Collegiate Softball (Smith)

Naidoo, Reshma B. (Ph.D.). The Effects of Socioeconomic Status, Ethnicity and Nutritional Status on the Growth and Physical Fitness of 10 Year Old South African Boys (Malina)

Siegel, Shannon R. (Ph.D.). Patterns of Sport Participation and Physical Activity in Urban Mexican Youth (Malina)

Vadocz, Eva A. (Ph.D.). The Psychobiological Profile of Competitive Female Figure Skaters (Malina)


Allen, Harold Ray. (Ph.D.). Content Priorities Among Representative Stakeholder Groups for Physical Education Program in Michigan: A Delphi Study (Vogel)

Al-Tawil, Hasan T. (Ph.D.). Development of an Instrument to Assess the Omplementation Fidelity of Physical Education Lessons (Vogel)

Bransdorfer, Alfred H. (Ph.D.). A Kinematic Analysis of the Developmental Sequence of Kicking Using a Direct and Angled Approach (Ulibarri)

Fitzpatrick, John M. (Ph.D.). Causal Attributions of Elite Youth Female Gymnasts: An Investigation of Types and Antecedents of Attribution (Overby)

Hayashi, Susan W. (Ph.D.). Understanding Youth Sports Participation Through Perceived Coaching Behaviors, Social Support, Anxiety and Coping (Ewing)

Moritz, Sandra E. (Ph.D.). The Effect of Task Type on the Efficacy-Performance Relationship (Feltz)

Da Silva, Rosane Carla Rosendo. (Ph.D.). Coronary Heart Disease Risk Factors and Health-Related Fitness of Adolescents in Niterol, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Malina)


Braatz, Janelle S. (Ph.D.). The Effect of a Physical Activity Intervention Based on the Transtheoretical Model in Changing Physical Activity Related Behavior on Low-Income Elderly Volunteers (Vogel)

Carlson, Joseph J. (Ph.D.). A Comparison of Traditional and Modified Cardiac Rehabilitation Protocols on Compliance to Exercise, Patient Self-Efficacy, Cardiovascular Outcomes, and Program Cost (Feltz)

Katzmarzyk, Peter T. (Ph.D.). A Familial Study of Growth and Health-Related Fitness Among Canadians of Aboriginal and European Ancestry (Malina)

Kawano, Rika. (Ph.D.). The Effect of Exercise on Body Awareness and Mood (Ewing)

Neff, Robert S. (Ph.D.). The Causal Influences and Reduction of Learned Helpless Deficits in Adolescent Athletes (Feltz)

Simensky, Steven G. (Ph.D.). The Psychosocial and Situational Antecedents of Anabolic-Androgenic Steroid Use: A Path Analytic Approach (Ewing)


Flegal, Gary L. (Ph.D.). An Analysis of Health Promotion Media Use in Organizations within the United States (Baker)

Hamilton, Michelle L. (Ph.D.). The Effects of Parent-Assisted Instruction on the Acquisition of Object-Control Skills in Preschool Children Who are At-Risk (Haubenstricker)

Lyman, Linda D. (Ph.D.). The Role of Communication in the Development of a High School Softball Team (Feltz)

Woo, Sang-Yeon. (Ph.D.). A Three-Dimensional Analysis of the Windmill Style of Softball Delivery for the Fast and Change-Up Pitching (Brown)


Chapin, George K. (Ph.D.). The Interactive Effect of Learners' Cognitive Information Style and Instructors' Feedback on Learners' Level of Arousal, Perceptions of Ability, and Self-Esteem (Ewing)

Chase, Melissa A. (Ph.D.). Children's Sources of Self-Efficacy, Accuracy of Appraisal and Motivation in Sport Skills and Physical Activities (Feltz)

Holman, Margery J. (Ph.D.). Female and Male Athletes' Accounts and Meanings of Sexual Harassment in Canadian Interuniversity Athletics (Smith)

Kim, Kihong. (Ph.D.). Acquisition of the Wheelchair Tennis Serve by Wheelchair Users : Type of Model and Frequency and Timing of Demonstrations (Dummer)

Lee, Inwha. (Ph.D.). Perceptions of Success and Failure in School and Sport for Korean and American Adolescents (Feltz)

Litherland, Martha S. (Ph.D.). Youth Sport Coaches' Education : The Parent Perspective (Ewing)

Olrich, Tracy W. (Ph.D.). The Role of Sport in the Gender Identity Development of the Adolescent Male (Ewing)

Riemer, Brenda A. (Ph.D.). Lesbian Identity Formation and the Softball Environment (Feltz)


DeJong, Glenna K. (Ph.D.). The Role of Oxygen Delivery in Limiting the Immediate Adjustment of Oxygen Uptake During the Transition from Rest to Submaximal Exercise (Heusner)

Goodway-Shiebler, Jacqueline D. (Ph.D.). The Effect of a Motor Skill Intervention on the Fundamental Motor Skills and Sustained Activity of African-American Preschoolers Who are At-Risk (Branta)

Walk, Stephan R. (Ph.D.). Information and Injury: The Experiences of Student Athletic Trainer (Feltz)


Albrecht, Richard R. (Ph.D.). The Effects of Positive and Negative Cognitive Social Priming on Self-Schemata, Self-Efficacy, Mood States and Motor Performance (Feltz)

Connor, Fiona J. (Ph.D.). Teaching Language Concepts and Labels to Preschool Children in Special Education and Head Start Classes through Physical Education Lessons (Dummer)

George, Thomas R. (Ph.D.). Self-Confidence and Baseball Performance : A Causal Examination of Self-Efficacy Theory (Feltz)

Ludwig, Martha M. (Ph.D.). The Effects of a Type and Interest-Based Career Exploration Program on the Career Maturity and Goal Stability of Collegiate Student- Athletes (Smith)

VanHeest, Jaci L. (Ph.D.). The Effects of Exercise Training Prior To, and During Pregnancy on Maternal, Fetal and Neonatal Outcomes and Glucose Homeostasis in Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Rats (Rodgers)

Wilson, Daniel J. (Ph.D.). An Investigation of a Developmental Sequence of the Standing Long Jump Using Multidimensional Scaling (Brown)


Alghamdi, Al Saad. (Ph.D.). Content Evaluation of The Physical Education Teacher Preparation Program at Umm Al-Qura University in Makkah, Saudi Arabia (Reuschlein)

Blauvelt, Joseph C. (Ph.D.). The Implementation of Physical Education Programs in Rural Honduras : A Local Perspective (Reuschlein)

Garcia, Clersida. (Ph.D.). A Fieldwork Study of How Young Children Learn Fundamental Motor Skills and How They Progress in the Development of Striking (Branta)

Garvey, Beth A. (Ph.D.). Alteration of Murine Bone Marrow B-Cell Development and Function by Physiological Concentrations of Glucocorticoids : A Role for Programmed Cell Death (Heusner)

Park, Jeong-Keun (Ph.D.). Construction of the Coaching Confidence Scale (Feltz)


Ahn, Byeong Hwa (Ph.D.). A Model of The Human Upper Extremity and Its Application to a Baseball Pitching Motion (Brown)

Leutholtz, Brian C. (Ph.D.). The Effects of Exercise Training and Severe Caloric Restriction on Lean-Body Mass in the Obese (Heusner)

Lirgg, Cathy D. (Ph.D.). Effects of Same-Sex and Coeducational Physical Education on Perceptions of Self-Confidence and Class Environment (Feltz)

Meyer, Barbara B. (Ph.D.). Collegiate Athletes Who Made the Grade: Reflections of Former Division I Football and Basketball Players (Knoppers)

Robison, Jonathan I. (Ph.D.). Effects of Six-Month, Incentive-Based, Worksite Exercise Program on Adherence and Work Capacity (Heusner)


Schuiteman, Jayne A. (1990). Self-Defense Training and Its Contributions to the Healing Process for Survivors of Sexual Assault (Knoppers)

Smith, Steven D. (Ph.D.). The Effects of Integration in Physical Education on the Motor Performance and Perceived Competence Characteristics of Educable Mentally Retarded and Nonhandicapped Children (Haubenstricker/Dummer)

Witten, Winifred. (Ph.D.). A Kinematic and Kinetic Analysis of the Overgrip Giant Swing on the Uneven Parallel Bars (Brown)

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Painter, Mary A. (Ph.D.). Generalizability Analysis of Observational Abilities in The Assessment of Hopping Using Two Developmental Approaches to Motor Skill Sequencing (Branta)


Evans, Sharon A. (Ph.D.). Biomechanical and Physiological Evaluation of Fatigue in Distance Running (Ulibarri)

Ramsby, Charles T. (Ph.D.). An Ethnographic Study of An Off-Campus Physical Education Program (Reuschlein)


Kiger, Joy E. (Ph.D.). Cinematographic Analysis of the Developmental Stages of Running in Preschool Boys and Girls (Branta)

Kurowski, Thomas T. (Ph.D.). The Metabolic Assessment of Elite Male and Female Swimmers Using a Continually Adjusted Tethered Swim Protocol (Heusner)

Larkins, Clifford. (Ph.D.). A Biomechanical Analysis of the Single Arm Versus the Parallel Double Arm Takeoffs in the Triple Jump (Ulibarri)

Quinn, Timothy J. (Ph.D.). The Relationship Between Caloric Expenditure and Longevity Among Michigan State University Athletes and Non-Athletes (Van Huss)

Zelasko, Chester J. (Ph.D.). The Effects of a Moderate Progressive Aerobic Exercise Program on the Severely and Morbidly Obese (Heusner)


Holland, Bernard V. (Ph.D.). Development and Validation of an Elementary Motor Performance Test for Students Classified as Non-Handicapped, Learning Disabled or Educable Mentally Impaired (Reuschlein)

Wiggins, Kathryn C. (Ph.D.). The Influence of Two Instructional Approaches on the Motor Skill Acquisition of Young Children (Reuschlein)

Wilson, Bradley R. (Ph.D.). Somatotype, Mortality, and Morbidity of Former Michigan State University Athletes and Nonathletes (Van Huss)


Smoak, Bonnie L. (Ph.D.). Strength and Power in Elite Swimmers (Heusner)

Walton, Judith D. (Ph.D.). A Comparison of Attitudes Toward Women's Participation in Sport Among Females and Males, Mexican-Americans and Anglo-Americans, and College Students and Members of the General Public (Knoppers)


Smith, Bryan W. (Ph.D.). Coronary Risk Factors in Pre-Teenage Swimmers (Heusner)

Ulrich, Beverly D. (Ph.D.). The Developmental Relationship Between Perceived and Actual Competence in Motor Ability and the Relationship of Each to Motivation to Participate in Sport and Physical Activity (Seefeldt)

Van Noord, Nancy L. (Ph.D.). Development and Evaluation of a Self-Talk Assessment Instrument for Tennis Players (Knoppers)


Rankin, James M. (Ph.D.). Specific Physiological Responses of Elite Runners : 100 M-10,000 M (Van Huss)


Curry, Brian. (Ph.D). The Effects of Voluntary Exercise on the Ultrastructure of the Left Ventricle of the Rat Heart (Heusner)

Horn, Thelma S. (Ph.D.). The Influence of Coaching Behaviors on Young Athletes' Perceptions of Competence and Control (Gould)

Stephens, Kenneth E. (Ph.D.). Changes in Motor Nerve Endings in Fast- and Slow-Twitch Muscles of Normal and Endurance-Exercised Rats (Van Huss)


E-Lotfalian, Ardavan. (Ph.D.). A Comparison of Fractionated Reaction Time and Movement Time in Males Across Selected Age and Physical Activity Levels (Haubenstricker)

Ulrich, Dale A. (Ph.D.). The Standardization of a Criterion-Referenced Test in Fundamental Motor and Physical Fitness Skills (Wessel)

Weiss, Maureen R. (Ph.D.). The Effects of Age, Modeling, and Verbal Self-Instruction on Children's Performance of a Sequential Motor Task (Gould)


Comden, Theodore K. (Ph.D.). The Effect of Value-Laden Curriculum Modules on Selected Affective Variables for Undergraduate Physical Education Majors (Reuschlein)

Evans, Richard A. (Ph.D.). Mass Movement Patterns of Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation: Stability and Phasic Relationships in the Developmental Sequence of the Forceful Overarm Throw in Children (Seefeldt)

Meacham, Sandra K. (Ph.D.). Development and Application of an Evaluation Plan Focusing on Teacher Implementation of Innovative Programs (Reuschlein)

Sampson, Thomas V. (Ph.D.). The Effects of Two Types of Field Based Inservice Training Programs for Teachers and Teacher Consultants Implementing an Objective Based Physical Education System (I CAN) with Trainable Mentally Impaired Students (Wessel)

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Foss, Peggy M. (Ph.D.). Factors Related to Urban Adult Female Participation in Physical Activity Programs (Reuschlein)

Fountain, Crystal D. (Ph.D.). Physical Growth Characteristics of Early, Average, and Late Maturing Females Grouped According to Age at Peak Height Velocity (Seefeldt)

Kahledan, Asghar. (Ph.D.). The Effects of Selected Sodium Bicarbonate Supplementation and Dietary Regimens Upon Acid-Base Status and Performance Capacity During Heavy Intermittent Multi-Stage Work (Van Huss)


Beach, Charles W. (Ph.D.). The Effects of Training and Detraining on Fiber Splitting in the Soleus Muscle of the Albino Rat (Heusner)

Hunter, Gary R. (Ph.D.). The Effects of Sodium Bicarbonate Ingestion on Acid-Base Parameters Associated with Exhaustive Work (Van Huss)

Marshall, Michael G. (Ph.D.). Comparison of an Estimate of Skeletal Age with Chronological Age When Classifying Adolescent Males for Motor Proficiency Norms (Seefeldt)

Serra, Paula D. (Ph.D.). The Effectiveness of Parents as Tutors for Children with Gross Motor Skill Deficiencies (Haubenstricker)


Loveless, Ada L. (Ph.D.). The Utilization of Mental Practice in the Learning of Selected Tennis Skills (Wessel)

Nester, Gerald M. (Ph.D.). Development and Evaluation of Visual-Descriptor Models for the Assessment of Selected Fundamental Locomotor Skills in Trainable Mentally Impaired Children (Wessel)

Watkinson, Elizabeth J. (Ph.D.). The Effect of the Prep Preschool Play Program on the Play Skills and Free Play Patterns of Moderately (Trainable) Mentally Retarded Children (Wessel)


Irwin, Ann E. (Ph.D.). The Effects of Exercise and Detraining on the Stiffness of Bone (Heusner)

Roland, Roy R. (Ph.D.). Specific Changes in a Histochemical Profile of Rat Hindlimb Muscle Induced by Two Exercise Regimens (Heusner)


Green, Mary D. (Ph.D.). The Development and Formative Evaluation of a Competency Based Teacher's Guide for Implementing the I CAN Individualized Physical Education Curriculum for the Trainable Mentally Retarded (Wessel)

Ho, Kwok-Wai. (Ph.D.). Histochemical and Histological Observations on Rat Myocardium Following Exercise (Heusner)


Carmichael, D. Larry. (Ph.D.). Development and Formative Evaluation of a Procedural Model for the Selection and Refinement of Performance Objectives in Physical Education (Reuschlein)

Greenisen, Michael C. (Ph.D). Urine Osmolality and Electrolyte Responses of Anxiety Treated Male Rats to Exercise (Heusner)

Hickson, Robert C. (Ph.D.). Exercise-Induced Biochemical Alterations in Different Types of Skeletal Muscle (Heusner)

Vogel, Paul G. (Ph.D.). The Effect of Teacher Type and Instructional Time on the Achievement of Selected Fundamental Motor Skills by Elementary Age Trainable Mentally Retarded Children (Reuschlein)


Gilliam, Thomas B. (Ph.D.). Specific Alterations in Motor Neuron Morphology and Nissl Substance Concentration in the Lower Lumbar Spinal Segments of the Albino Rat Following Selected Chronic Physical Activity (Heusner)


Mosher, Richard E. (Ph.D.). The Effects of an Objective-Centered, Sequential Program of Physical Education on the Academic Achievement and Intelligence of Elementary School-Aged Children (Seefeldt)

Reed, Alfred T. (Ph.D.). Succinic Dhydrogenase and Motor End-Plate Cholinesterase in Chronically Exercised Rat Skeletal Muscle (Van Huss)

Tillman, Thomas N. (Ph.D.). Psychogenic Effects of Environmental Cues of Physiologic Responses to Submaximal Work Under Hypoxic Conditions (Van Huss)


Evans, Mildred M. B. (Ed.D.). The Effects of a Physical Education Program on Auditory Discrimination Ability, Verbal and Non-Verbal, of Kindergarten Children (Wessel)

Fuller, David A. (Ph.D). Evaluating Motor Performance of Trainable Mentally Handicapped Boys and Girls Ages Eight Through Twenty-One (Wessel)

Haubenstricker, John L. (Ph.D.). The Relationship of Selected Measures of Proprioception to Physical Growth, Motor Performance, and Academic Achievement in Young Children (Seefeldt)

Klein, Daniel A. (Ph.D.). Effects of Exercise and a Vegetarian Diet on Carcass Composition, Organ Weights, and Serum Cholesterol and Triglycerides (Heusner)


Brown, Barry S. (Ph.D.). The Effects of Exercise Upon Rat Brain Catecholamines (Van Huss)

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