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Center for Physical Activity and Health (CPAH)


CPAH is involved in a number of outreach activities both on campus and in the community. Below is a sampling of the types of activities we participate in. In addition, we are available for collaboration for both research and service/outreach activities.


The Center for Physical Activity and Health is available for collaboration with other researchers in departments outside of Kinesiology at Michigan State as well as at other universities. In the past, we have collaborated with Departments of Nutrition, Nursing, Epidemiology, and Engineering. For research where assessment of physical activity or physical fitness is required, we offer the ability to measure the following:

  • Maximal (VO2max) or submaximal cardiorespiratory endurance
  • Body composition via air displacement (BodPod), skinfolds, or bioelectrical impedance (BIA)
  • Pulmonary lung function testing via spirometry
  • Anaerobic capacity via Wingate testing

For more information about collaborations, please contact us at

The American College of Sports Medicine and the American Medical Association have partnered together to share the importance of exercise and physical activity in the prevention and treatment of disease. The ultimate goal— to make exercise a vital sign in every patient visit. This initiative has been termed Exercise is Medicine (EIM).

Within Exercise is Medicine is an initiative titled Exercise is Medicine on Campus. This initiative is aimed at increasing exercise participation at Colleges and Universities across the nation. By working together Colleges and Universities can share programs and activities aimed at improving the health of their students, faculty and staff.

Each summer our laboratory hosts two sessions for MSU's Grandparents University program, where we invite children and their grandparents to learn about blood flow through the heart, how our hearts respond to exercise, and about the heart's electrical activity. Students can see their heart's electrical activity during exercise on an EKG, and have their blood pressure measured before and after exercise.

Our laboratory provides exercise testing for several MSU varsity athletic teams. We have provided VO2max testing for men's ice hockey, women's basketball, and men's basketball, and anaerobic capacity testing for football and men's ice hockey. In addition, we use our BodPod for body composition assessment for a number of athletes. If your team is interested in testing, please contact us at

We frequently present original research at regional and national conferences including the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) national meeting, Midwest ACSM, and North American Society for Pediatric Exercise Medicine (NASPEM).