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Center for Physical Activity and Health (CPAH)


Dr. Jim Pivarnik

Dr.Pivarnik is a professor of kinesiology and epidemiology at Michigan State University, where he directs the Center for physical Activity and Health and serves as a Universion Research Integrity Officer. Dr. Pivarnik is a nationally recognized expert on issues related to exercise during pregnancy and the postpartum period. As an exercise physiologist and epidemiologist, his focus is on the role of physical activity in reducing the risk factors for chronic disease development and the morbidity and mortality of those suffering from these conditions.

As past president of the American College of Sports Medicine, Dr. Pivarnik is a leader of the ACSM "Exercise is Medicine on Campus" initiative. His presidency was marked by an increased emphasis on graduate students as the future of the profession of sports medicine and exercise science.

He can be contacted at and his wiki site address is

Dr. Karin Pfeiffer

Karin Allor Pfeiffer is an associate professor of kinesiology and member of the Center for Physical Activity and Health. She is an exercise physiologist with an interest in population-based investigations. Her research focuses on two major areas, both of which are related to physical activity in children and adolescents. Her work spans the age range of preschool through high school (and even addresses college students sometimes). The first major area of research is measurement of physical activity, which she has been investigating since graduate school. The second major area is interventions to increase physical activity, which she has been investigating since her post-doctoral research position at the University of South Carolina. She has been involved with many school-based studies and is interested in incorporating families and communities into her research. She has also been at the forefront of work examining physical activity in preschool children and plans to continue more research in that area.

Her email address is and her wiki site address is