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Department of Kinesiology

Department of Kinesiology


Department Office

Department of Kinesiology
IM Sports Circle Building
308 W. Circle Drive, Room 134
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824

KIN Office Phone: 517-355-4730 | Fax: 517-353-2944
Undergraduate Advising Office: 517-353-9680 or find your advisor here.

Department Chairperson - Dr. Alan L. Smith
Graduate Studies Information -
Undergraduate Studies Information - Amy Tratt
Webmaster - George Harnick

Concentration contact information

Contact the following faculty member about the specific concentration:

Faculty Directory

Name Address Phone Email
Cholewicki, Jacek 909 Fee Rd 975-3302
Covassin, Tracey 105 IM Sports Circle 353-2010
Driska, Andy 207 IM Sports Circle 432-8399
Erickson, Karl 134 IM Sports Circle 355-4730
Feltz, Deborah 2 IM Sports Circle 355-4732
Ferguson, David 27S IM Circle 355-4762
Gould, Daniel 210 IM Sports Circle 432-0175
Halsey, Susan 134 IM Sports Circle 355-1716
Harnick, George 131 IM Sports Circle 355-4744
Hatta, Michelle 134 IM Sports Circle 355-4730
Hauck, Janet 101 IM Sports Circle 353-0728
Hua-Lee, Mei 201 IM Sports Circle 353-4652
Kagerer, Florian 27Q IM Sports Circle 432-9907
Kuenze, Chris 105 IM Circle 432-5018
McNeil, Rick 201 IM Sports West 432-1514
Morrison, Keri 135 IM Sports Circle 355-4740
Mudd, Lanay 27S IM Sports Circle 355-4763
Pfeiffer, Karin 27 IM Sports Circle 353-5222
Pivarnik, James 27 IM Sports Circle 353-3520
Pontifex, Matthew 27 IM Sports Circle 432-5105
Ranganathan, Rajiv 203 IM Sports Circle 353-6491
Reid, Mary-Anne 132 IM Sports Circle 355-1716
Smith, Alan 130 IM Sports Circle 355-4731

Undergraduate Programs Contact

Undergraduate Advisors

Use the online system for making an advising appointment

Name Address Phone Email
Amy Tratt 134 Erickson 355-3360
Becky Olsen 134 Erickson 884-7722
Jennifer Watson 134 Erickson 353-5120

Graduate Programs Contact


Graduate Studies Secretary
Department of Kinesiology
308 W. Circle Drive, Room 134
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824-1049
Phone: (517) 355-4736
Fax: (517) 353-2944

General Information

Dr. Karin Pfeiffer
Graduate Studies Coordinator
308 W. Circle Drive, Room 27R
Michigan State University
Phone: (517) 353-5222

Additional Graduate Information

Your Advisor
Your program of study, academic progress, professional development, research program, etc. plus anything related to your disciplinary area

Ms. Marlene Green
Admissions materials and procedures, required forms and procedures for the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees (e.g., program plan, certifying exam, comprehensive exam, thesis, project, internship, dissertation), graduation, general advice about navigating the university system

Dr. Karin Pfeiffer
KIN Graduate Studies Coordinator Multi-year scholarships and fellowships, suggestions for the KIN graduate program, conflicts with advisors

Ms. Mary-Anne Reid
KIN BIP Coordinator KIN graduate teaching assistantships, questions about scheduling

Ms. Michelle Hatta or Ms. Christina Ebmeyer
KIN Department Office Graduate assistantship employment papers, course enrollment, grade reports, textbook orders, mailboxes, keys, etc.

Dr. Alan Smith
KIN Department Chairperson Department operations, conflicts that cannot be resolved with faculty members or center/lab directors

MSU Ombudsman, Associate Dean for Student Affairs (in the College of Education), Dean of the Graduate School
Problems that cannot be resolved at the departmental level or concerns that you do not wish to discuss at the departmental level