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Department of Kinesiology

Master's in Kinesiology


Transfer Credit Policies

Incoming graduate students may transfer credits from:

  • Other accredited colleges or universities -  a maximum of 9 semester credits of graduate level work (excluding research and thesis credits)
  • MSU Lifelong Education Program – a maximum of 9 semester credits of graduate work
General limitations on transfer credits – a combined maximum of 9 semester credits may be applied to a Master’s degree program for graduate level course work from other accredited colleges or universities and MSU’s Lifelong Education enrollment status.

Credits will be transferred only if: (a) the course is appropriate to the student’s academic program; (b) the course was completed within the time limits for earning of the degree desired at MSU; and (c) the student earned a grade of at least 3.0 in the course. Check the current MSU Academic Programs catalog for the most comprehensive and current information. (Click here for Academic Program)

The majority of transfer credits requests are handled directly with a student’s academic advisor.  Certain transfers for credit to key Kinesiology courses may require an additional review.  Decisions about transfer credits are not made until the student has been admitted to the graduate program.  If you wish to request a transfer of credits from a previous institution, provide your advisor with the course syllabus, samples of your work product from the course, and a copy of the transcript that reflects your grade in the course.  You may request the copy of the transcript from Marlene Green at if you used said transcript during your application process. The Lifelong Education program provides prospective students with an opportunity to enroll in MSU courses before entry into a KIN graduate program. Some prospective students enroll in courses with lifelong education status so that they can: (a) begin to take credits before formal admission to the program or (b) prove that they are prepared for graduate study.

For more information, consult the Master's Programs information from MSU Academic Programs Catalog and the MSU Lifelong Education Program information posted on the Office of the Registrar web site.