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Department of Kinesiology

Master's in Kinesiology


Professional Development - Service

Students are encouraged to become members of professional organizations; often student membership rates are offered. Initially, students might only be involved in attending and learning from conferences. However, opportunities also exist to become active on committees and to assume leadership positions. Here is a "short list" of professional organizations related to kinesiology:

Another form of professional service is reviewing scholarly works such as manuscripts submitted for publication, abstracts submitted for presentation at conferences, and grant proposals submitted to funding agencies. Often editors and conference directors will permit graduate student involvement in reviewing activities if the graduate student is directly supervised by a faculty mentor who is affiliated with the journal or conference. Advanced graduate students should ask their advisors about the possibility of assisting with reviews.

University Citizenship

University citizenship refers to contributions to student and faculty governance committees. Here are some possibilities.

  • Graduate student organizations. Examples include the KIN Grad Student Organization (KGSO), the College of Education Graduate Student Organization (EGSO), and the MSU Council of Graduate Students (COGS).
  • KIN committees. The KIN Bylaws describe several standing committees that include graduate student members, namely the Faculty Advisory Committee, Curriculum Committee, Special Events Committee, and Graduate Studies Committee. Usually students are nominated by KGSO and approved by the department faculty.
  • College of Education. The College of Education Bylaws describe a number of standing committees, include a Student Advisory Committee that meets regularly with the Dean of the College.
  • MSU committees. The Academic Governance web site describes university-level committees, some of which (e.g., UCRIHS) include graduate student members.

Community Outreach

Community outreach refers to using one's professional expertise to contribute to citizens or agencies within a community. The MSU Service Learning Center provides links to numerous opportunities for community service including health services, recreation leadership, and youth mentoring. Of course, many KIN majors volunteer their time and expertise to sport and physical education programs in the community.