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Department of Kinesiology

Master's in Kinesiology


Sample Internship Proposal Outline

The following table of contents describes a final report for a successful KIN 893 internship. Chapters 1 and 2 were submitted as the internship proposal - the same chapters were later submitted as the first two chapters of the final internship report.

* * * * * TABLE OF CONTENTS * * * * *

Chapter 1: Introduction

Academic Background
Professional Background
Career Objectives
Internship Site
Purpose of Internship

Chapter 2: Internship Procedures

Institutional Setting
Professional Biography of On-Site Supervisor
Timeline of Internship
Objectives of Internship
Evaluation of Internship

Chapter 3: Outcomes of the Internship

Overseeing Athletic Functions at XYZ High School and Middle School

Helped set-up for athletic events
Helped monitor student/athletes and fans
Took care of officials pre-game and post-game
Oversaw ticket sales and collected money afterwards
Put away equipment after events
Attended league, athletic booster, and school board meetings

Process of Scheduling Games for the Upcoming Year

Understood the process of scheduling for sports
Officials scheduling/contracts/bus transportation
Cancellations for outside events

Understand How Athletic Budget is Developed

How much ticket sales cover the athletic budget
Understand how ticket sales are appropriated
Understand costs for each sport and allocations of funds/sports
Developed rubric for sport uniform rotation

Designed Coaches' and Athletes' Athletic Handbook

Collected a variety of handbooks from surrounding schools
Created policies and modified current policies and procedures
Had multiple meetings with the recent and former athletic director

Substitute Middle School Principal

Communicated and coordinated with staff, substitutes, and parents
Monitored student behavior and determined disciplinary actions
Communicated with principal problems that occurred

 Chapter 4: Conclusions and Recommendations


A. On-Site Supervisor Evaluation Forms
B. Internship Hours
C. Pre-Game Checklist for Basketball, Football, and Volleyball
D. League Meeting Agenda
E. League 2006-2007 Winter Schedule
F. Athletic Boosters Agenda
G. Athletic Director's Proposal for Chairs and Evening Banquet
H. Board Meeting Agenda
I. Schedule Star Samples
J. MHSAA "Games Wanted"
K. 2006-2007 Volleyball Schedules (varsity, JV, freshman)
L. School Contract with Opponent
M. Official Contract
N. Bus Departures for Away Events
O. Athletic Expenditures
P. Sport Uniform Rotation Rubric (new and old)
Q. Coaches' and Athletes' Athletic Handbook
R. Previous Checklist Memo for Coaches