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Department of Kinesiology

KIN Teaching Assistantships

Students with graduate teaching assistantships in the Department of Kinesiology are assigned to teach physical activity (KIN 100-119) and/or some lecture-type courses. For a complete list of courses visit the schedule of courses.

Criteria for Awarding Graduate Teaching Assistantships

Physical Activity Courses. Candidates must have: (a) expertise in the selected activity; (b) experience teaching or coaching the selected activity; (c) current certification in first aid; and (d) current certification in CPR. Evidence of expertise might consist of transcripts showing courses completed, a college letter in the selected sport, or nationally/internationally ranked performances in the sport. Experience teaching or coaching the selected activity could be demonstrated by teaching the activity at a public school or health club, coaching a high school or collegiate sports team, or certifications offered by professional organizations.

Additional requirements for aquatics,conditioning/fitness, and first aid/CPR courses are specified below. In every case, the candidate must present a current certification card.

  • Aquatics/swimming courses - current American Red Cross certification in Lifeguard Training, Water Safety Instructor, Water Safety Instructor Trainer, Lifeguarding Instructor, or Lifeguarding Instructor Trainer as appropriate.
  • Conditioning/fitness courses - current certification from the American Council on Exercise (ACE), American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), Aerobics & Fitness Association of America (AFAA), S.T.E.P. Aerobics, or National Strength and Conditioning Association.
  • First Aid and Personal Safety - current certification as First Aid Instructor, Responding to Emergencies Instructor, Community CPR Instructor, or CPR for the Professional Rescuer Instructor.

Lecture-Type Courses. Candidates must have knowledge/expertise in the course content and experience teaching the selected activity. Evidence of knowledge/expertise might consist of transcripts showing courses completed or strong letters of recommendation. Experience teaching the subject matter could be demonstrated by serving as an intern instructor in the course or credentials such as the MSU Certificate in College Teaching.

Application Procedures

Students who are interested in a graduate teaching assistantship must complete the Application for KIN Graduate Teaching Assistantship: Teaching Competency Form. Also, please download and complete the schedule card providing your availability to teach. Submit this card to Mary-Anne Reid ( Review of teaching assistantship applications will begin January 15 and continue until positions are filled.

Questions about the application process can be directed t:


Mary-Anne Reid

(517) 255-1716

Graduate Employees Union

Graduate teaching assistants at MSU are represented by the Graduate Employees Union. The current version of the GEU contract is posted at here. TAs should read this contract carefully regarding their rights and responsibilities. For more information, go to the Graduate Employees Union web site. 

Evaluation of KIN Graduate Teaching Assistants

Graduate teaching assistants are evaluated at least annually for possible extension of their teaching assistantships for the following year. Click here for information about Evaluation of KIN Graduate Teaching Assistants. To start the evaluation process, the TA needs to complete the following online form. By doing so, the evaluator will be notified and given the link to the online evaluation form. Once the evaluation is completed, the TA will be notified, can read the evaluators comments, and then will sign off on the completed evaluation. Below is the link for the TA to initiate the evaluation.

To see the evaluation form in PDF form, please use the links below: