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K-12 Faculty

Barbara Markle, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean, K-12 Outreach
253 Erickson Hall
(517) 353-8950

Barbara Markle is Assistant Dean for the Office of K-12 Outreach in the College of Education. She develops and implements programs for teachers, administrators, and policymakers that translate educational research to practice in schools and settings where education policy decisions are made. She directs several state and federal grants, including the University's work with MI Excel, the statewide system of support in Michigan. She also works closely with the Michigan Department of Education, the state Board of Education, and the state's professional education associations. Under her direction, the Office of K-12 Outreach sponsors conferences, trainings, and institutes designed to meet the needs of various audiences, international education study tours, and periodic forums for legislators and other policymakers.



K-12 Outreach Administration

Barbara Markle, Ph.D. Assistant Dean
Annie Weller Executive Secretary
Megan Papoi Education Program Coordinator
Robert Rock Fiscal Officer
Brian Boggs, Ph.D. Outreach and Development Specialist
Nathan Burroughs Senior Research Associate
Dan Schultz Senior Policy and Program Advisor


Education Services

Tammy A. Baumann, Ph.D. Director of Education Services
Cindy Ruble Program Consultant
Shirley Jackson Leadership Consultant
John Lane, Ph.D. Professional Development Consultant

Communications and Technology

Jeff Cech Videographer
Ben Curtis Videographer

Data Services

Neelam Kher, Ph.D. Director of Data Services
Jaqueline Swanson Data Specialist
Kathy Wight Data Specialist

MSU Detroit/Flint Center

JoAnn Andrees, Ed.D. Detroit Center Director
Irma Hamilton, Ed.D. Outreach Specialist
William Weber, Ph.D. Outreach Specialist
Noni Milller, Ph.D. Outreach Specialist
Leslie Holland Outreach Specialist
Bevelyn Mitchell Outreach Specialist
Ethel Jones, Ed.D. Outreach Specialist
Barbara Elson Outreach Specialist
Lee Jenkins Outreach Specialist
Khalel Hakim Outreach Specialist
Mary Barkley Outreach Specialist
Robert Martin Outreach Specialist
Tara Kintz Outreach Specialist, Director of Fellowship of Instructional Leaders
Ja’Nett Ticer Secretary

Coaching 101

Diane Jackson, Ph.D. Program Director
Dale Moss Training Specialist
Pat Rushing Training Specialist
Pat Vandelinder Training Specialist
Megan Patrick Graphic Designer

K-12 Outreach Graduate Assistants

Bryan Beverly Education Policy
Christie Poitra Education Policy




Office of K-12 Outreach
Erickson Hall
East Lansing, MI 48824-1034
Phone: (517) 353-8950
Fax: (517) 432-6202