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Recent Awards

Aman Yadav National Science Foundation

iCT: Developing a Teacher Micro-credential for Integrating Computational Thinking Across Disciplines


Dongbin Kim, Brendan Cantwell National Science Foundation

Leaving the United States and working abroad: Building a framework for American scientific leadership


Marisa Fisher, Connie Sung, Kim Kelly Institute of Education Sciences

Effect of a 9-Month Soft Skills and Work-Based Employment Training Program in Improving Transition Students' Success: A Randomized Controlled Trial Study


Gail Richmond National Science Foundation

Teaching Science Outdoors: A Next Generation Approach for Advancing Elementary Science Teaching in Urban Communities


Corey Drake National Science Foundation

Collaborative Research: Co-Developing a Curriculum Coherence Toolkit with Teachers


Kristen Renn Arizona State University / Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

UIA Scale Project - Chatbots


Ken Frank National Science Foundation

REU: Social Network Based Intervention on AEC Project


Katharine Strunk, Josh Cowen, Tanya Wright U.S. Department of Education Institute of Education Sciences

Evaluating Michigan's Early Literacy Law: Impacts, Implementation and Improving State Capacity


Josh Plavnick Drexel University / National Institutes of Health

Prevalence and profile of treatment non-responders in Autism Early Intervention


Marisa Fisher Williams Syndrome Association

Development of a Social Skills Training Program for Individuals with Williams Syndrome


Jack Smith National Science Foundation

Tracking the Longitudinal Development of STEM Majors' Autonomy and Agency in Mathematical Proof and Proving


Aman Yadav Hunters College / Robin Hood Foundation

Expanding Access to Computing: Developing Teacher Knowledge to Integrate Computational Thinking in Elementary Classrooms


Chezare Warren Spencer Foundation

Operationalizing the Application of Empathy in Student-Teacher Interactions with Young Black Men and Boys


Raphaela Schlicht-Schmalzle MSU Residential College in the Arts and Humanities Network for Global Civic Engagement

International Partnership for Virtual Youth Exchange


Kristen Renn Spencer Foundation

Role of Postsecondary Education in Social Mobility and Social Reproduction


Bryan Beverly, Brian Boggs Flint Community Schools

Flint Community Schools - Consultancy to Develop and Implement a Continuous Professional Development Program for Instructional Leaders


Marisa Fisher, Connie Sung, Matt Brodhead Michigan Department of Human Services

University Autism Spectrum Disorder Project


Matthew Pontifex, John Carlson TDIC

Neural Activity and Emotion Processing


William Heinrich U.S. Agency for International Development

Malawi University of Science and Technology Innovation Scholars Program (MUST ISP)


Marilyn Amey Boston University / National Science Foundation



John Carlson Michigan Department of Human Services

Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Evaluation (ECMHC)


John Carlson Michigan Department of Human Services

Children's Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Evaluation


John Carlson Michigan Department of Human Services

Parent Support Partner (PSP) Evaluation


John Carlson Michigan Department of Human Services

Children's Trauma Initiative (CTI)


John Carlson Michigan Department of Human Services

DHS Incentive Paymnet (DHIP) Project


Joseph Krajcik National Science Foundation

Collaborative Research: Scaffolding Computational Thinking Through Multilevel Systems Modeling


Lisa Linnenbrink-Garcia, Jennifer Schmidt National Science Foundation

Research Initiation: Understanding the Impact of Institutional Supports on the Motivation, Belonging, Identity Development, and Persistence of Engineering Students


Karin Pfeiffer Sanford Research

Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Sanford fit4Schools


Dan Gould, Karl Erickson Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation

Developing an In-Person Coaching Education Workshop for Entry Level Youth Sport Coaches


Carrie Symons MSU Residential College in the Arts and Humanities Network for Global Civic Engagement

Stories of Perceptions, Connections, and Transformations: Building Global Awareness through Intercultural Communication


Corey Drake, Spyros Konstantopoulos University of Virginia / National Science Foundation

Supplemental Funds for The Development of Ambitious Instruction in Elementary Mathematics


Lynn Paine State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs / American Institute for Bilingual Education
Teacher Training Program for Scholars from Hainan Normal University

Katharine Strunk, Josh Cowen Stanford University / Bloomberg Philanthropies
Stanford Education Data Archive Validation Project

Katharine Strunk, Josh Cowen The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

Competency-Based Education in Michigan: Shifting Instructional Practice to Promote Student Learning and Engagement


Amita Chudgar Spencer Foundation Lyle Spencer Award

Understanding Marginalized Youth's Secondary Education Experiences: A Mixed-Methods Study of Colombia, India, and Malawi


Ken Frank Soar Technology, Inc. / Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)

Phase II SBIR Rapid Construction of Heterogeneous Models ("RaCHeM")


Ken Frank National Science Foundation

Social Network Interventions to Develop Routines for Inter-Organizational Project Systems


Karl Erickson Foundation for Child Development

Sport Coaches of Young Children as ECE Workforce: Coach-Child Interactions Influencing Child Development


Leslie Gonzales University of Wisconsin / National Science Foundation

Collaborative Research: NSF INCLUDES Alliance: An Alliance to Develop an Inclusive and Diverse National Faculty for Broadening Success of Underrepresented 2-Year and 4-Year STEM Students


Katharine Strunk, Josh Cowen, Chris Torres Michigan Department of Education

MDE Partnership Survey


Josh Cowen, Katharine Strunk, Chris Torres, Scott Imberman Tulane University / U.S. Department of Education

The School Choice Policy Research Center: Improving Policy, Implementation, and Outcomes for Disadvantaged Students


Connie Sung Disability Network

Implementation and Evaluation of School-Based Pre-Employment Training Program


Bryan Beverly, Brian Boggs Charles Stewart Mott Foundation

Comprehensive System for Rapid District Intervention for Flint Community Schools - Year 4


Tracey Covassin BrainScope Company, Inc.

Concussion Study


Namsoo Shin ESLEDU Co Ltd

Augmented Reality Smart Note (ARSN) for Monitoring and Supporting Student Learning


Scott Imberman University of Texas Dallas / Smith Richarson Foundation

"A Major Decision? The Consquences of College Major Choice"


Rajiv Ranganathan National Science Foundation

Optimizing Motor Coordination through Principles of Motor Relearning


Nathan Burroughs MSU Institute for Public Policy and Social Research

Substitute Teaching Shortage: Exploring Substitute Teaching in Michigan


Chris Torres MSU Institute for Public Policy and Social Research

School Reform Review Partnership Reform: Turning Around Michigan Schools


Katharine Strunk, Josh Cowen Smith Richardson Foundation

Can Michigan Show the Nation How to Turn Around Failing Schools? A Research-Policy Partnership Approach in Michigan


Sonya Gunnings-Moton The Skillman Foundation

Summer Urban Immersion Fellowship


Jennifer Vanderheide Spencer Foundation

Teaching Students to Write Listening Arguments to Foster Civic Dialogue


Chris Kuenze National Athletic Trainers Association

The Impact of Return to Sport on Physical Activity in High School Athletes with a Recent History of ACL Reconstruction


Dan Gould U.S. Tennis Association

USTA Online Mentoring Module Development and Coach Mentoring Program Evaluation, Phase 3: Grant and Project Proposal and Plan - Fixed Price Contract


Marilyn Amey Boston University / National Science Foundation



Eunsoo Cho Learning Disabilities Foundation of America

Assessing Students' Learning Potential: Dynamic Assessment of Decoding as a Tool for Early Identification of Reading Disability


Laura Tortorelli International Literacy Association

Texts as Tools: Building a New Empirical Framework for Choosing Texts for Young Readers


Bryan Beverly, Brian Boggs Michigan Department of Education / U.S. Department of Education

2018 Title II, Part A(3) Improving Teacher Quality Competitive Grants Program


Josh Plavnick U.S. Department of Education

Online Training for Paraeducators to Improve Communication Supports for Young Children with Complex Communication Needs


Josh Plavnick, Matt Brodhead Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

Connections: A Pilot Investigation of an Early Childhood Transition Program for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders


Bethany Wilinski MSU Institute for Public Policy and Social Research

Supporting Public School GSRP Teachers in Michigan


Jennifer Schmidt American Institutes for Research / National Science Foundation

Supplement: STEM Interest and Engagement Studies


Christopher Reimann Detroit Public Schools

Detroit Public Schools Professional Development


Connie Sung, Marisa Fisher Michigan Rehabilitation Services

Project SEARCH Supplemental Programs for Enhancing Transition Students' Success


Janine Certo MSU HARP Development

In Years of Wine and Steel: Poems


Ann Austin University of Wisconsin-Madison / National Science Foundation

Preparing Future Faculty to Improve STEM Education: Broadening the National Impact of the CIRTL Network


Katharine Strunk, Josh Cowen Smith Richardson Foundation

Bargaining for the Future: The Impact of State and Local Policy Reforms on Teacher Unions, Teacher Labor Markets and Student Achievement


Joseph Krajcik George Lucas Educational Foundation

Designing, Developing and Testing Rigorous Project-based Learning Materials to Support 5th Grade Learners in Science, English Language Arts and Mathematics Supplement


Karin Pfeiffer Crim Fitness Foundation

Evaluation of the Mindfulness Component of the CrimFit Youth Program 2017-18 Data Collection


Christine Greenhow American Educational Research Association

#Cloud2Class: Exploring the Disruption and Reorganization of Educational Resources in the Age of Social Media


Katharine Strunk American Institutes for Research / Smith Richardson Foundation



Katharine Strunk, Joshua Cowen The Laura and John Arnold Foundation

Bargaining for the Future: The Impact of State and Local Policy Reforms on Teachers' Unions, Teacher Labor Markets and Student Achievement


Katharine Strunk American Institutes for Research / The Laura and John Arnold Foundation

The Efficacy and Efficiency of Teacher Screening and Hiring


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