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Recent Awards

Ann Austin National Science Foundation

Collaborative Research: Transforming the Evaluation of Teaching: A Study of Institutional Change to Advance STEM Undergraduate Education


Spyros Konstantopoulos American Institutes for Research / U.S. Department of Education Institute of Education Sciences (IES)

National Board Certification Efficacy Study


Amy Parks, Laura Tortorelli National Science Foundation

Exploring the Potential of Tablets as Early Math Resources for Urban Kindergarteners in Schools and Homes


David Stroupe, Niral Shah National Science Foundation

Integrating Computation in Science Across Michigan


Dan Gould U.S. Tennis Association

USTA Coach Mentoring Program Development


Joseph Krajcik National Science Foundation

Collaborative Research: Connected Biology: Three-dimensional Learning from Molecules to Populations


Marilyn Amey National Science Foundation

Collaborative Research: AGEP Transformation Alliance: CIRTL AGEP - Inclusive Excellence and Improved Climate for Future Faculty


Rajiv Ranganathan, Mei Hua Lee, Florian Kagerer National Science Foundation

A High Degree-of-Freedom Body-Machine Interface for Children with Severe Motor Impairments


Jennifer Schmidt National Science Foundation

Profiles of Science Engineering (PSE): Broadening Participation by Understanding Individual and Contextual Influences


Josh Cowen, Scott Imberman Boston University / Smith Richardson Foundation

Teacher Quality and Charter School Outcomes


Marisa Fisher U.S. Department of Education Institute of Education Sciences (IES)

A Longitudinal Investigation of Friendship and Bullying Experiences of Middle School Youth with and without Autism Spectrum Disorders and Other Disabilities


Margo Glew, Leigh Graves Wolf, Kyle Greenwalt Longview Foundation

Digital Badging for Global Teacher Learning


Barbara Schneider The Joyce Foundation

Changing Environments to Change Mindsets: A Research and Communications Campaign on Creating School Cultures that Convey Messages of Potential, Belonging, and Purpose to All Students


John Carlson, Summer Ferreri Michigan Department of Human Services

Children's Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Evaluation


Rebecca Jacobsen, Sarah Reckhow Teachers College, Columbia University / Spencer Foundation

Outside Money in Local School Elections


Barbara Markle, Karin Pfeiffer Crim Fitness Foundation

Flint Community Schools


John Carlson Michigan Department of Education

Evaluation of Project AWARE Michigan


Kristen Bieda, Joseph Krajcik National Science Foundation

Promoting Productive Disciplinary Engagement and Learning with Open Problems and "Just-in-Time" Supports in Middle School Mathematics


Karin Pfeiffer Superior Health Foundation

(S) Partners for Health: A School- and Web-based Nutrition and Physical Activity Program for Obesity Prevention and Promoting Health in 5th Grade Public School Students and Parents


Kristen Renn Arizona State University / Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

UIA Fellows, Travel and Scaling Projects


Josh Plavnick, Marisa Fisher, Matt Brodhead Michigan Department of Human Services

University Autism Spectrum Disorder Project


Barbara Schneider National Science Foundation

Supplement: Forming Better STEM Career Trajectories: Sustaining and Scaling-Up CAP


Michael Leahy, Josh Plavnick, Marisa Fisher Wayne State University / HRSA Maternal & Child Health

Michigan Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and Other Related Disabilities (MI-LEND)


Lisa Linnenbrink-Garcia National Science Foundation

Supporting Excellent Engineers (SEE)


Eunsoo Cho The Dunn Family Foundation

Dynamic Assessment of Vocabulary


Angela Calabrese Barton National Science Foundation

Science Learning + Partnerships: Partnering for Equitable STEM Pathways for Minoritized Youth


Leapetswe Malete MSU Alliance for African Partnership

MSU-African Alliance for Youth Sport Entrepreneurship (AAYSE): Applying Positive Youth Development through Sport to Nurture Youth Entrepreneurship


Carrie Symons American Educational Research Association

Developing Local Literacies with Middle and High School Refugee Youth


Tracey Covassin Brainscope Inc. / U.S. Department of Defense

Supplement: Objective Brain Function Assessment of mTBI from Initial Injury to Rehabilitation and Treatment Optimization in Collegiate Athletes


William Schmidt National Science Foundation

Do U.S. College and Career Ready Standards Make the Grade? An Opportunity to Learn through Support for U.S. Participation in the OECD 2030 Curriculum Analysis Project


Tracey Covassin Brainscope Company, Inc. / U.S. Department of Defense

Validation of Brain Function Assessment Algorithm for mTBI from Injury to Rehabilitation in College Athletes


John Carlson Michigan Department of Human Services

DHS Incentive Payment (DHIP) 2016-2017


John Carlson Michigan Department of Human Services

Level of Functioning Project 2016-2017


John Carlson Michigan Department of Human Services

Parent Support Partner (PSP) Evaluation


Barbara Schneider Gogebic-Ontonagon Intermediate School District

African American Young Men of Promise Initiative College Support Program


John Carlson Michigan Department of Human Services

Children's Trauma Initiative Evaluation


Chris Torres Montclair State University / Spencer Foundation

The New "One Best System?": Urban Governance and Educational Practice in the Portfolio Management Model


Karin Pfeiffer, James Pivarnik Crim Fitness Foundation

Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the CrimFit Youth Program


Kristen Renn Association of College & Housing Officers International

The Role of Live-In Peer Staff in Promoting Undergraduate Student Success


Mei Hua Lee National Science Foundation

Motor Exploration and Motor Learning During Child Development

Brendan Cantwell American Council of Learned Societies

Proposal to Conduct a Qualitative Assessment of Postdoctoral Fellowships in the Humanities

Django Paris Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) / U.S. Department of Education

Midwest and Plains Equity Assistance Center: Civil Rights Training and Advisory Services-Equity Assistance Centers Program

John Kosciulek Peckham, Inc.

Socio-Ecological Impacts of the Transition from Fair Labor Standards Act 14(c) Wages to Minimum Wage via a Full Wage Subsidy

Josh Cowen The Walton Family Foundation

The Changing Market for Charter School Teachers: How Have Teacher Policy Reforms to Traditional Public Schools Affected the Charter Sector?

Janet Hauck Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation

Michigan State University Wheelchair Rugby

Josh Cowen The Laura and John Arnold Foundation

Michigan Education Data Research Center

Lisa Linnenbrink-Garcia, Frank Lawrence National Institutes of Health

Undergraduate Enrichment Experiences to Support Biomedical Careers: An Investigation of Underlying Psychological Mechanisms

Marilyn Amey National Science Foundation

AGEP Transformation Alliance: CIRTL AGEP - Inclusive Excellence and Improved Climate for Future Faculty

Leslie Gonzales University of Wisconsin-Madison / National Science Foundation

Collaborative Research: CIRTL INCLUDES - Toward an Alliance to Prepare a National Faculty for Broadening Success of Underrepresented 2-Year and 4-Year STEM Students

Jana Aupperlee American Psychological Association

Grant Program for School Psychology Internships

James Pivarnik National Intramural Recreational Sports Association

The Role of Recreational Sports in Student Academic Success and Overall Well-being

Joseph Krajcik National Institutes of Health

Supplement to SEPA grant: A New Genomic Framework for Schools and Communities

Kenneth Frank / Kristen Bieda National Science Foundation

Supplement: How Early Career Elementary Teachers' Social Networks Affect Mathematics Instruction in the Current Evaluation Climate


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