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Proposal Submission Timeline

As soon as possible

PI contacts IRTL with intent to submit proposal and provides solicitation.

20 working days in advance of deadline

PI meets with IRTL:

  • Brief oral summary of project and partners
  • Assistance with meetings?
  • Any patent, copyright or Intellectual property issues?
  • Budget discussion started
  • Overhead credit – based on effort on project (any variances?)
  • Cost share?
  • Additional Space Required?
  • Foundation?  University Advancement approval – if applicable

20 working days in advance of deadline

PI discusses the proposal, course buyouts, and any special considerations related to the proposal with the department chair. Special considerations may also involve a discussion with the Dean’s office before proceeding.

12 working days prior to deadline

Close to final budget and budget justification due to MSU's central administrative Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) – this is an OSP deadline.

8 working days prior to deadline

All final documents (except text, abstract and references) needed by IRTL to route E-transmittal and complete the proposal package.

Items needed for routing:  Draft Project Summary, final Budget, final Budget Justification, final Subcontract documents, final Project Title.

Additional items needed for package:  All letters of support, vitae, current & pending, appendices (if allowed), etc.

5 working days prior to deadline

Final text, abstract, references due to IRTL for checking, conversion to PDF, uploading & PI review of completed package.

3 working days prior to deadline

Completed proposal package sent to Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) – this is an OSP deadline


Proposal submitted. If PI receives e-mail notification, please forward a copy to IRTL staff at


IRTL distributes a PDF of submitted proposals and supporting documentation within 2 weeks of submission to PI's and Departments. A final copy is kept in IRTL's office.

If submission – PI can follow progress to agency:
If NIH – PI can follow status in eCommons.
If NSF – PI can follow status in Fastlane.

When the PI receives notification of the funding status, please notify IRTL staff.

If a deadline date is missed, we cannot guarantee your proposal will be submitted on time.  We will do everything possible to help after the proposals that have met the deadline are submitted.