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Institute for Research on Teaching & Learning (IRTL)

The Institute for Research on Teaching and Learning (IRTL) assists faculty across the College of Education in preparing grant applications to external/internal funding agencies and supports the research interests and activities of the faculty of the College. The support may consist of budget development, interpreting the Request for Proposal (RFP), completing essential forms, obtaining University sign offs, and submission via electronic application processes. IRTL staff will serve as the liaison with MSU’s Contract & Grant Administration, other MSU departments, and the funding agency.


What's Here?

Recent Awards

Matthew Pontifex / Jodene Fine  National Institutes of Health
Physical-activity Induced Transient Changes in Hemodynamics(PITCH)

Richard Houang  Univ. of Wisconsin-Milwaukee / National Institutes of Health
Life Course Energy Balance and Breast Cancer Risk in Black/White Women Under 50

Ann Austin-Beck  Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison / National Science Foundation
Postdoctoral Experiences in STEM: Literature Analysis and Review

Kristen Renn  Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Student Segmentation Use Cases for MSU

Ken Frank / Kristen Bieda  William T. Grant Foundation
How Beginning Elementary Teachers' Social Networks Affect Ambitious Math Instruction in the Current Evaluation Climate

Patricia Marin / John Yun  William T. Grant Foundation
Amici and the Courts: A Case Study of the Research Use Process of Intermediary Actors

Tracey Covassin  Joe D. Pentecost Foundation
Concussion Education and Management among Urban High School Athletes, Parents and Coaches

Wenxia Wang / Jeff Bale  Univ. of Maryland / National Security Agency
Learning to Teach Chinese from Best Practices

Matthew Pontifex  Univ. of Illinois / Nike Foundation
The Transient Effects of Single Bouts of Exercise on Cognitive and Brain Health, and Scholastic Achievement in Preadolescence Children

Barbara Schneider  Michigan Asc. of School Administrators / Michigan Dept. of Education
College Ambition Program (CAP) 2013-2014

Sonya Gunnings-Moton / Punyashloke Mishra  Wipro Limited
The Wipro Urban STEM Fellowship Program at Michigan State University

Spyros Konstantopoulus  Northwestern University / U.S. Dept. of Education
An RCT Training Institute

Barbara Schneider  National Opinion Research Center / National Science Foundation
Center for Advancing Research and Communication in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (ARC)

Barbara Markle  The Skillman Foundation
Good Schools Resource Center - Detroit

Troy Mariage  Salus Univ./ U.S. Dept. of Education
National Leadership Consortium in Sensory Disabilities Fellowship for Michella Maiorana

John Carlson  Michigan Dept. of Community Health
Wraparound Evaulation 2013-2014

Samantha Caughlan   National Council of Teachers of English
A New Era of English Teacher Preparation? Findings from a National Survey

Melanie Cooper  Univ. of North Carolina at Greensboro
uRespond: An Interactive Personal Response System

Tanya Wright  Spencer Foundation
Fostering Vocabulary Instruction in Low-Income Kindergartens Through Educative Curricular Materials

Christina Schwartz, Angela Calabrese Barton   National Science Foundation
Improving Science Teaching & Learning: Studying How Beginning Elementary Teachers Notice and Respond to Students' Scientific Sense-making

Connie Sung  Epilepsy Foundation
Effect of Impression Management on Hireability of Youths With Epilepsy

Melanie Cooper  National Science Foundation
Chemistry and the Logic of Life: A Research-Based, Integrated General Chemistry Curriculum

Christine Greenhow  Univ. of Michigan/ Gates Foundation
Social Media and College Aspirations: A Social Capital Perspective

Matt Ferkany  Spencer Foundation
Courage, Humility, and Empathy—A Study of Three Virtues of Democratic Participation as Goals of Civic Science Education

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