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Education Policy Center


The Education Policy Center at Michigan State University periodically convenes or supports conferences and forums that bring research to bear on major topics of interest to education policymakers. In addition, the Center posts announcements of related to education policy events that feature an EPC Fellow. Below are resources -- announcements, narrative summaries, video highlights and PowerPoint presentations -- connected to upcoming and past events.

Hosted Forums

Washington Policy Seminar: Research on Teacher Preparation -- National and International Perspectives. June, 2011. Written summary.


The Common Core State Standards as National Policy. May 2013. Video highlights (6 minutes) Full video presentations (36 minutes)


Reimagining Education Finance in Michigan. May 2014. Written summary, video presentations, PPT files.

Affiliated Events

West Michigan K-12 Education Forum. Grand Rapids, October 10, 2016.

Using Test Scores to Measure Teacher Performance: The State of the Art in Research and Practice.
October 2013. Written summary.

Re-envisioning Assessment, Accountability and Data Use to Support Real Teacher Quality. March 2014. Conference agenda. Video presentations.