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Economics of Education

Program Features

Students in the doctoral Economics of Education Specialization program complete a doctoral degree in one of the participating programs at MSU, complete additional coursework. Students are typically supported by their home department.

To complete the pre-doctoral interdisciplinary training program and specialization, students must:

  1. Complete a set of course requirements aimed at providing advanced statistical training and understanding of the application of these methods to key educational topics.
  2. Complete other requirements for a doctoral degree in the student's major field.
  3. Include at least one member of the economics of education core faculty on the student's guidance committee. The guidance committee is responsible for seeing that students select their additional coursework so as to strengthen their capacity for conducting rigorous research on education topics. These courses will include courses outside students' major areas that will increase their understanding of research relevant to the areas of education they will study. For example, students in Education Policy will be encouraged to take additional coursework in economics; students in economics will be encouraged to take additional coursework in the College of Education or the School of Labor and Industrial Relations.


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