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Department of Educational Administration

Educational Administration


Master's in Student Affairs Administration

The Higher, Adult, and Lifelong Education (HALE) Student Affairs Administration master’s program at Michigan State University is a 40-credit hour program providing students the knowledge and skills to work with students and to cultivate educational environments promoting diversity and multiculturalism.

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Master of Arts in Higher, Adult, and Lifelong Education

The Higher, Adult, and Lifelong Education (HALE) master’s program at Michigan State University is a 30-credit hour online program that promotes professional development among those working in higher, adult, and lifelong education in a variety of local, national, and international settings, including colleges and universities, public and nonprofit agencies, as well as private industry.

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Master of Arts in K-12 Educational Administration

The Master's program in K-12 Educational Administration prepares aspiring educators for leadership positions in public, charter and private school settings.
Our program is committed to developing school-level leadership opportunities for powerful and equitable teaching and learning. In addition, our program meets the state standards for leadership preparation.

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Ph.D. in Higher, Adult, and Lifelong Education

Consistently ranked in the nation's top-10 higher education programs, the Higher, Adult, and Lifelong Education (HALE) doctoral program prepares some of the strongest, most well-equipped leaders in higher education. The innovative HALE curriculum challenges students to critically analyze the current research, develop their instruction and pedagogical approach, and discover ways to advance the field of higher education.

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Ed.D. in K-12 Administration

Welcome to the innovative, three-year Doctor of Educational Leadership program in the College of Education at Michigan State University. In line with a national trend supporting practice-based doctoral degree options for advanced educational leaders, the Department of Educational Administration offers the Ed.D., a rigorous and relevant program conceptualized around the knowledge and skill demands for effective professional practice. Faculty and students will, together, address critical challenges to the education field.

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Doctorate in K-12 Educational Administration

The doctoral program in K-12 Educational Administration enrolls professional educators and others interested in the intersections of leadership, school organizations, research and policy. Its mission is to improve leadership practice and to expand knowledge for educational leadership development and the improvement of school organizations and systems. The program emphasizes disciplined inquiry, conceptual analysis, connections between theory and practice and the development of research and scholarship.

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Education Policy Ph.D.

The Michigan State University doctoral program in Education Policy prepares students to conduct research on current and enduring issues, and to connect with policymakers and educational professionals. The program was created by faculty members from multiple disciplines who shared a vision: that policy should be created with stakeholders through research that takes into account the real needs of teachers, administrators, students, families and communities.

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