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Graduate Study Abroad Symposium

Message from President Lou Anna K. Simon
2013 Erickson Chair - Graduate Study Abroad Symposium


2014 Erickson Global View Symposium

2013 Erickson Global View Symposium

2012 Erickson Global View Symposium


2014 Erickson Global View Symposium
Internationalizing Graduate Education:
Focusing Discourse, Defining Knowledge, Enhancing Practice


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Featuring Dr. Philip Altbach and Dr. Victor Savicki

Philip G. Altbach is Research Professor and Director of the Center for International Higher Education in the Lynch School of Education at Boston College. He is the 2013 winner of the Houlihan award for distinguished contributions to international education by NAFSA and the distinguished career award from the Association for the Study of Higher Education. He was the 2004–2006 Distinguished Scholar Leader for the New Century Scholars initiative of the Fulbright program, and in 2010 was an Erudite Scholar of the Government of Kerala in India. A recent book, coedited with Jamil Salmi, is The Road to Academic Excellence: The Making of World-Class Research Universities. He is author of Turmoil and Transition: The International Imperative in Higher Education, Comparative Higher Education, Student Politics in America, and other books. He coedited the International Handbook of Higher Education. Other recent books are World Class Worldwide: Transforming Research Universities in Asia and Latin America, Leadership for World-Class Universities: Challenges for Developing Countries and Trends in Global Higher Education: Tracking an Academic Revolution.


Victor Savicki is Professor of Psychology, Emeritus at Western Oregon University. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Massachusetts in Clinical Psychology. He taught for 33 years at Western Oregon University, and worked for a time as a family therapist in a treatment center for emotionally disturbed children as well as in independent practice as a licensed psychologist. He has consulted and conducted trainings mostly with private, non-profit organizations. Beyond clinical psychology he added a specialty in industrial/organizational psychology, and later a specialty in cross-cultural psychology. He has taught university students in Austria, Germany, Greece, Argentina, and the UK; these students came from over 30 different cultures. His full research line has a central focus on intercultural issues, with 28 of his peer reviewed publications emphasizing some aspect of culture. In 2002, he published a six year research project as a book under the title "Burnout Across Thirteen Cultures." In 2008, he edited the book "Developing Intercultural Competence and Transformation." He currently serves on the Outcomes, Assessment, and Research Committee of the Forum on Education Abroad, and is involved in developing an edited book of case studies of assessment in study abroad programs.


An Integrated Organizational View of The Development Of International Experiences In Graduate Professional Education, Julie Sinclair
The Landscape of Graduate International Experiences: 2014 Research Report, GLEO Team
Acculturation, Identity, and Graduate Study Abroad, Dr. Victor Savicki
STEM Education Abroad: The Global Laboratory, Dr. Nikki Kernaghan

Interprofessional Global Health Education: An Experiential Model and an Educational Framework, Dr. Jody Olsen
Global Health Interprofessional Education Competencies, Dr. Jody Olsen
UMB Center for Global Education Initiatives, Dr. Jody Olsen

UMB Global Health Interprofessional Council And Center For Global Education Initiatives, Dr. Jody Olsen

International Experiences and Expectations of Students at University of Maryland / Baltimore (UMB), Dr. Jody Olsen



2013 Erickson Chair Symposium:
Globalizing Graduate Education: The Role of Study Abroad


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The College of Education welcomed colleagues from around the country and overseas for the 2103 Global View Symposium on February 27, 2013.  This year's theme was "Globalizing Graduate Eduction:  Graduate Study Abroad."  The panels and presentations explored recent trends in the internationalization of education and discussed challenges associated with intergrating study abroad into graduate education.  Based on a collaborative study of universities associated with the CIC and New York University, the symposium expored key questions and issues in developing, administering, facilitating, and assessing study abroad programs in professional and graduate education.  For a full program, click here.  For copies of the speaker's presentations, see links below.


Trends in the Internationalization of Higher Education, Dr. Brett Berquist

Trends in the Internationalization of Higher Education, Dr. Brian Whalen

Designing and Funding Graduate Study Abroad Programs, Dr. John Metzler

Fellowship to Enhance Global Understanding:  Botswana, Dr. Evelyn Oka

Addressing Young Teachers' Understanding of Culturally Responsive Teaching & Learning:  The Fulbright Hays Group Project Abroad, Dr. Carolyn O'Mahony



2012 Erickson Chair Symposium:
"A Journey of a Thousand Miles . . . ": Graduate Study Abroad and the Art of Pilgrimage


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Keynote: Phil Cousineau


More than 60 people attended the Global View Symposium on March 16, 2012.  This year's theme, "The Journey of a Thousand Miles:  Graduate Study Abroad and the Art of Pilgrimage," featured keynote speaker Phil Cousineau.  Phil Cousineau is an award-winning filmmaker and author.  His fascination with the art, literature, and history of culture has taken him on a worldwide search for what the ancietns called the "soul of the world."  The symposium also featured panel discussions by faculty members who have led study abroad programs and graduate students who participated in the programs.  Click here for a copy for the full program.