HALE International Students

The HALE programs actively seeks the participation of students from around the world. The presence of international students in the HALE program enriches the diversity of perspectives and enhances global understanding. Here are just a few of the international students currently studying in HALE.

Name: Mark Chung Kwan Fan

Country of origin: Mauritius

Program and year 2nd year SAA Master's

Research interests: Intersectionality, international students, queer studies, and critical race theory among others


Name: Leanne Perry

Country of origin: Canada

Program and year: 4th year, HALE PhD

Research interests: research collaborations, department chairs


Name: Trieu Le

Country of origin: Vietnam

Program and year: second year HALE MA

Research interests: Developing


Name: Stefan Fletcher

Country of origin: England

Program and year: 2nd year HALE PhD

Research interests: The roles, responsibilities and training of Public Research University Presidents & Governance Boards


Name: Ngoc Lan Thi Dang

Country of origin: Viet Nam

Program and year: 6th year HALE Ph.D.

Research interests: Women and leadership in higher education


Name: Clayton McCourt

Country of Origin: Canada

Program and year: 1st year SAA Master's

Research Interests: Developing